New Chess Videos for July 17 – 21

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Monday, July 17 IM Bill Paschall European Championship 2017, Part 3 (opening, tactics)
This lecture features a battle between two rising stars from round 4 of the European Individual Championship 2017. Black employs a rare move order in the Benoni and white counters with ultra aggressive preparation. Black employs a new move with 9…h6, but the depth of his preparation is insufficient. Matlakov has seen deeper and Black’s king is in serious danger.

Tuesday, July 18 FM Dennis Monokroussos A Big Upset in the Fischer Attack (strategy)
Bobby Fischer’s 6.Bc4 against the Najdorf isn’t so popular nowadays, but it hasn’t been played out. Untitled player Vusal Abbasov used it against his near-2700 rated opponent, Anton Korobov, in a recent open event – and crushed him! It was a combination of (presumably) good preparation and certainly good attacking play, and Korobov was overwhelmed. There is still life in 6.Bc4!

Wednesday, July 19 IM David Vigorito A Modern Adjournment (endgame)
In a virtual must-win situation versus a much lower rated player, I end up playing one of the longest games of my career. My opponent rises to the occasion, only faltering on the 92nd move! This game was adjourned – something I have not seen in 25 years.

Thursday, July 20 GM Leonid Kritz Winning A Miniature Out of Nowhere (tactics)
This is a unique game because it seems like the position is so equal that there is nothing to play here, but in reality things turn out to be much more complicated than that. White outplays Black out of nowhere and gets a point in only 25 moves – a truly rare occurrence at this level.

Friday, July 21 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Understanding Pawn Structures from Benoni and Old-Indian Setups (openings, middlegame, strategy)
How well do you understand pawn structures? Watch and learn how a London System can morph into Benoni and then into Old-Indian! GM Perelshteyn teaches you the key concepts and plans for both sides. Can you find the best moves? Prophylactic thinking is the key!

New Chess Videos foe July 10-14

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Monday, July 10 IM Valeri Lilov How to Lead a Flank Attack (middlegame, strategy)
Setting up a flank attack sounds like a difficult task. Essentially, it’s all about following the right steps that will lead your pieces and pawns into the correct places to create strong threats against your opponent. Tune in to IM Lilov’s lecture to learn more!

Tuesday, July 11 IM Bill Paschall European Championship 2017, Part 2 (opening, tactics)
The super strong 2017 European Championship naturally featured some upsets in round 1. The young Italian International Master Basso played a rare move 10.g4 in a fairly well known line of the Classical Nimzo. Korobov plays reasonably most of the game, but overlooks a brilliant queen sacrifice by his resourceful opponent.

Wednesday, July 12 FM Dennis Monokroussos Mamedyarov Wins an Instant Classic (tactics)
I don’t want to give any spoilers here, except to say that this is one of the best games I’ve seen in years. Najer plays very well, making only one mistake, but he comes undone after Mamedyarov’s brilliant sacrificial play. Please don’t miss this one!

Thursday, July 13 GM Nadya Kosintseva Positional Draws in Chess (tactics)
Everyone likes to attack. Indeed, it seems to be fascinating seeing how the initiative runs, bringing more pressure and creating new threats. However, to be a good chess player means also to be able to defend worse positions. In this lecture, I would like to speak to you about the “positional draw”, the important defensive technique that can save a player many games even in absolutely hopeless situations. You will watch an instructive study in which the stronger side could not convert his huge material advantage into victory due to creative play of the defender followed by examples taken from my own practice where the defense was based on setting up a fortress or, in other words, building a construction that is difficult to breach.

Friday, July 14 GM Bryan Smith Beating the Alekhine Defense, Part 4 – Main Line Odds and Ends (strategy, tactics)
In Part 4 of his series on beating the Alekhine’s Defense, GM Smith covers various obscure choices for Black, such as 4…dxe5 5.Nxe5 Nd7, 4…Bg4 5.Be2 c6, 4…Nb6, and 4…Nc6.

New Chess Videos, July 3 – July 7

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Monday, July 3 IM Valeri Lilov Coordination and Powerplay, Part 2 (strategy)
In the second video of the series on piece play, IM Lilov is going to teach you some more principles on coordination and powerplay. The idea of powerplay is defined by a player who can align multiple pieces into one point, thus making a powerplay on that area. The strongest level of attack!

Tuesday, July 4 IM Bill Paschall European Championship 2017, Part 1 (opening, tactics)
The young GM Bognanovich seems like a promising young talent. In this game, facing the popular Berlin defense, he plays the quiet 4.d3 – recommended here on Chesslecture by IM Paschall in his own series. Black reacts normally, but weakens his queenside with a6 and b5, and then tries to strike prematurely in the center with 12..d5. The young grandmaster shows a perfect understanding of the situation and dispatches his opponent effortlessly.

Wednesday, July 5 FM Dennis Monokroussos A World-Class Sales Pitch for the Grand Prix Attack (strategy)
The Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian is a perennial favorite in club play, but seems to be past its “sell by” date in grandmaster play. Perhaps it’s time to restock the shelves, as IM Dionisio Aldama wins a beautiful game with it against the strong grandmaster Zviad Izoria. Aldama came up with a fantastic opening idea culminating in 13.a5 Nxa5 14.f5, and while Izoria does just about everything right in response for the next 14-15 moves he still hasn’t managed to shake off White’s attack. All he had to do is make one mistake – a very natural one at that – and the game came to a speedy end. If you play either side of the Grand Prix Attack, you’ll want to take a very close look at this game.

Thursday, July 6 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Lessons from Losing to a Potential Women’s World Champ (middlegame, tactics, strategy)
In this instructive game, follow GM Perelshteyn’s thought process against Indian’s young talent, a 16 year old girl who holds U12 and U14 Girl’s World Championship titles! Black obtains a typical KID structure and with more time on the clock makes an instructive mistake. Don’t miss it and learn how to to avoid it yourself!

Friday, July 7 GM Leonid Kritz Another Crazy Najdorf (openings, tactics, strategy)
This is again one of those typical Najdorf games where nothing is clear until the very end. This game has a lot to offer in terms of tactical and strategic complications, as well as some interesting opening ideas.

New Chess Videos June 26 – 30

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Monday, June 26 IM Valeri Lilov Coordination and Powerplay (strategy)
The piece coordination concept is probably the most critical in all middlegame strategy. What is basically means is a way to get our pieces together and set them up towards a target or a plan. Check out IM Valeri Lilov’s lecture to learn more!

Tuesday, June 27 IM David Vigorito Nyzhnyk’s Pet KID Line (opening, tactics)
Facing the Fianchetto Variation in the King’s Indian, Ilia Nyzhnyk wheels out his pet line, an old system named for Simagin, where Black gives up his light-squared bishop. Norowitz grabs a pawn but Nyzhnyk gain a remarkable initiative, conducting an attack on the very light squares that he seemed to concede in the opening.

Wednesday, June 28 IM Bill Paschall Highlights from the 2017 Russian Team Championship, Part 3 (middlegame, tactics)

The creative Nepomniachtchi begins with a typical King’s Indian Attack, but immediately leaves book with the strange 11.Bg5. Black’s play is aggressive and optimistic and as he extends his center, white is coordinating his pieces. Ian actually missed one very interesting combination, but soon embarked on another tactic that created chaos by sacrificing a piece for three pawns. Even with best defense, it would have been difficult, as the coordination of white’s forces is very powerful.

Thursday, June 29 GM Nadya Kosintseva King Activity in the Middlegame (middlegame)

In spite of the fact that the King is the most important piece in chess, it often remains inactive until the game transposes into an endgame. Indeed, in the absence of queens the king feels safer going to the center of the board where it can contribute more, supporting own pieces or bothering opponent’s ones. Although it is the most common scenario, I want to show you some instructive examples from the games of great chess players that illustrate the king at work in the middlegame. You will see how the transfer of the king, in a situation where the weaker side cannot launch a counter attack against it, can help the stronger side to increase his pressure and identify a new target for his attack.

Friday, June 30 GM Bryan Smith Coffeehouse Chess, Part 8 (openings)
In this video we will see some instructive opening play followed by an unnecessarily speculative attack, with the defender’s miscalculations finally punished by an entertaining king hunt.

New Chess Videos for June 19 – 23

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Monday, June 19 IM Valeri Lilov Pawn Structure Complexities (strategy, middlegame)
The pawn structure is the most valuable part of creating a good strategy. We need the pawns to both open good files and diagonals, as well as provide our pieces with the strong positions to exploit those opportunities. How to create a complex, yet fundamentally successful pawn structure is the topic of IM Lilov’s lecture.

Tuesday, June 20 IM Bill Paschall Highlights from the 2017 Russian Team Championship, Part 2 (middlegame, tactics)
Veteran grandmaster faces super hot super GM Mamedyarov. With white, Najer avoids Shak’s favorite Grunfeld with an early f3, transposing to a type of King’s Indian/Benoni. Black doesn’t seem to know the latest theory, but improvises with a very aggressive setup; offering somewhat dubious pawn sacrifices at seemingly every turn. Najer can’t avoid the Mamedyarov whirlpool of complications and his king gets drawn out with of fluffy of tactics.

Wednesday, June 21 FM Dennis Monokroussos How to Assess and Play Positions with Symmetrical Isolated Pawns (tactics)
Positions where both players have an isolated d-pawn can be boring and lead to a quick draw, but by no means always. GM Aleks Lenderman proved this in excellent style against IM Enkhbat in a recent game, and we can draw some lessons from this Lenderman’s master class that we can use in our own games.

Thursday, June 22 GM Eugene Perelshteyn What Is It Like Playing a SuperGM? (opening, middlegame, strategy)
GM Perelshteyn shares his recent game against his strongest opponent ever, Dutch SuperGM Anish Giri! Giri proves to be the master of openings as he demonstrates a new plan in an obscure side-line. However, his technique to convert an extra pawn is simply superb! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what it’s like to face one of the world’s best players!

Friday, June 23 GM Leonid Kritz A Strategic Classic from Kramnik (openings, tactics)
A very strong game from Vladimir Kramnik who outplayed Anand in a seemingly very simple position. The main point to note is that Black should have tried to open the game with f6, and not let White slowly increase pressure. In general, it is very difficult to play such positions without any counterplay.