New Chess Video Lectures for January 6 to January 10

This Week’s Lectures

Monday Jan 6 IM Valeri Lilov Outplaying the Opponent’s Attack (Intermediate, Middlegame)

Tuesday Jan 7 GM Eugene Perelshteyn How a London System Transposes to Benoni! (Intermediate, Opening)
A curious way to transpose to a Benoni from a London System allows White to build up a strong center and big space advantage.  With instructive play White breaks through in the center with a timely e5! push and blows Black off the board.

Wednesday Jan 8 FM Dennis Monokroussos Battle of the Generations (Intermediate, Middlegame)
It’s a pity Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen only played at the very beginning of the latter’s career, but even then their first rapid game proved quite exciting. Carlsen played the opening very well, obtained an advantage, and had Kasparov in huge trouble before the latter showed better technique and drew the game. (A double role-reversal! Carlsen played better than Kasparov in the opening, and Kasparov played better in the late middlegame and ending.) Carlsen’s ability and fearlessness proved a portent of things to come.

Thursday Jan 9 GM Leonid Kritz How to Avoid Najdorf (Intermediate, Openings, Strategy)
Najdorf Variation of Sicilian Defense is one of the most popular and at the same time one of the largest openings with regard to the volume of theory you need to learn in order to play against it. Most of the players simply do not have enough time to study just one opening. This is why pretty often it makes sense to avoid the main lines and play a variation that is rare and does not promise an opening advantage, but one you were able to prepare and understand at home. Knowing ideas is more important than knowing exact moves sometimes. This lecture covers one such possibility of how to avoid Najdorf main line.

Friday Jan 10 IM David Vigorito Opening Trends: Anti-Grunfeld, Part 1 (Intermediate, Openings, Strategy)

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