Explore the Library contest

ChessLecture.com has the world’s largest library of professional-quality chess instructional videos.  But even with a library of more than 2300 lectures, for skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced, we know we haven’t covered it all.  So, we’re kicking off the Complete the Library contest for all chess enthusiasts and competitive players of any age.   We want to discover what areas you think we haven’t covered and should.  Valid entries must include one of the following:

  • an ECO that hasn’t been covered
  • a famous game that hasn’t been analyzed
  • a famous master who hasn’t been covered

Non-members can browse and search through the library here: http://blog.chesslecture.com/chess-videos. Members already have access to the full library. Each entry must reference the Library contest and contain a valid email address, and subsequent entries by the same person must use the same email address to be counted together.  Entries may be made here, on our Facebook page or emailed to lectures@ChessLecture.com. The winner will be the person submitting the most valid entries between now and the end of the contest.  And we’ll select a separate winner among entries from current ChessLecture.com members and entries from non-members.  Each of the winners will get a 6 month bronze membership (unlimited viewing of all the lectures in the library) plus the winner’s choice of ChessLecture.com DVD collection. The contest runs through Labor Day and ends Tuesday, September 2.