What’s New

Welcome to the new ChessLecture.com website! As of today, we have completely revised our web site, merging our desktop and mobile sites. This new site offers many improvements – there is a new video player that is faster and works without any plugins or external media players; a new search feature with expanded options; and these both work on all devices. For current and past members: we are merging our Bronze and Silver memberships (at the Bronze price!) and adding a Basic membership that is FREE and can rent or buy individual videos.

All current and past members can log in immediately, using their existing accounts. All past members now have a Basic Free membership. Current Silver members will pay just $12.95 monthly, and will receive appropriate credits or extension of term.

Basic members can browse the entire library, watch previews of any of the lectures and rent or buy individual videos. Rentals give you unlimited viewing of the video for three days, buying gives you five years.

Silver and gold members can access our entire library, watching any video from any device at any time. Gold members can also download videos.

All members have their personal library that contains videos they have rented or bought, as well as their “favorites” list. And all members receive our free e-newsletter with site updates and advance notice of each week’s new lectures.

We will no longer be offering the custom DVD option, as so many of our lectures are already available in existing DVD collections, with new DVDs being released every month. Suggestions for new collections are welcome and can be made through the suggestion box.

Please explore and enjoy! We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback.