GM Nadya Kosintseva

GM Nadya KosintevaGM Nadya Kosintseva

GM Nadezhda “Nadya” Anatolyevna Kosintseva was born in Arkhangelsk, Russian in 1985, and became a grandmaster in 2011. Winner of the European Youth Chess Championship, Nadya took gold medals in 1995 (Girls Under-10, Verdun), 1997 (Girls Under-12, Tallinn) and 2000 (Girls Under-18, Kallithea). In 1998 at the World Youth Chess Championship, she took the gold medal in the Girls Under-14 event. In 2006, Nadya shared second place with younger sister Tatiana (also a grandmaster today), at the Russian women’s championship superfinal, just one and half points behind the winner. In December 2008, Nadya won the Russian Women’s Chess Championship in Moscow and placed second in this event in 2009. In 2010, she tied for 1st–7th with grandmasters Alexander Riazantsev, Vitali Golod, Leonid Kritz, Sébastien Feller, Christian Bauer, Sébastien Mazé in the 43rd Biel Chess Festival.


FIDE: 2483
TITLE: International Grandmaster

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