Here’s what our members say!

Dennis Dartnell – U.K.

Thank you ChessLecture.com I plan to certainly become a lifelong member of your site now that I fully appreciate the quality of your lectures, by practising masters. The Fried Liver lectures tell you how to kill the two knights defence dead. Of course one has to supply the personal common sense, but once you know the key ideas, never forgotten. It`s a kill! What a wonderful site, and unlimited lecture download availability to gold members I understand! I’m a very satisfied chess player.

Chaitanya Gadgil  – India

“Thank you for these chess lectures sending for every week. My chess has improved a lot due to your site.”

Benny R. – USA

“I have been studying this with an IM online and have even been reading about it. Spent hours working on and studying this particular and in the fourteen minutes I spent watching this lecture picked up more tips than all other methods combined. Am simply amazed! Jesse Kraai (who is my favorite lecturer, Bill Paschall is 2nd) explained how to figure out what to do it certain positions based on knowledge of this position and The Lucena. Other IM’s just say this is what you do and remember it. Jesse explained how this can be practical in future situations. I pay an IM $15 per hour and the $13 bucks spent here feels like nothing compared to the quality lectures that your IM’s produce. I am simply ecstatic about this site.”

Carolyn M. – Canada

“My game has grown immensely since watching videos on your site. I can’t wait to play in my next tournament and use all the new chess tactics I have learned. THANK YOU!”

Dr. Alex D. – USA

“THANK YOU – This is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I’m one of those people for whom this site is a great blessing. Chess was my first love – but I never had the culture of support around me to give me lessons when I was a yongster, or to even encourage my playing. And now I have this…”

Marie C. – USA

“I recently was recommended to your site by one of my chess friends — Life Master Larry Tamarkin. I must say, this is the best chess investment I’ve ever made. In the last 3 days since signing up, I’m learning more from your lectures than I have from reading the many chess books on my shelves. My chess rating on ICC has already improved 150 points in this short time. I’m indebted to Larry for guiding me toward your site. “

Karl P. – Canada

“Thank you for very much for your superb service. My chess club at school has improved 100% since we’ve all been using your service and watching your videos. We actually have a shot at the finals this year thanks to you! “

Catherine B. – USA

“ChessLecture.com exceeds my expectations for excellece! Although I have a very good chess library, now with oral and visual lessons from your expert instructors I will be able to make much faster improvement than relying on books alone. I will recommend ChessLecture.com to everyone in my chess club here in Columbia, Missouri.”

Garmund C. – USA

“Hey, I just want to say that Chess Lecture is so awesome. I’m learning how to play the game from knowing almost nothing about the game.”

Sterling K. – USA

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you for doing this chess lecture which I requested. The lecture was excellent and my understanding of these systems grew.”

Stan R. – USA

“Great lecture!! More like this please. I especially enjoyed how Jesse added personal elements to the lecture. It put a human face on him. The hardest information to find about chess is what the ideas are behind variations, positions, strategies etc. This was an eye opening lecture for me on the French.Thank you!”

Ed S. – USA

“Well, I’ve been a subscriber for a while now, and highly recommend www.chesslecture.com! I get a greater sense about how to think like a master level player that does not translate well to books. Too, I’ve learned some techniques I was unaware of (naturally as an otb A player and corr Expert). Most notably is how to handle pawns in certain situations in the middle game.Anyway, very instructive lectures.”

Doug S. – USA

“I just want you gentlemen to know how happy I am with my recent decision to join your marvelous website. I have been searching for an effective online learning tool like this for years and it is amazing to me the number of new concepts that I’ve learned in just a few short weeks. I’ve paid huge money for private lessons, garnered a huge library at much expense and I have to say that this has been my best move yet (pardon the pun). Keep up the good work!”

Pamela D. – USA

“I would like to thank for offering such a wonderful program. My 11 year old son has been watching your daily video every day after school and it has really improved his love for the game. Thanks again 🙂 “

Samual H. – USA

“I’m addicted! Every morning before work I have to get my daily dose of chess and thanks to your program I’ve got it now.”

Paul S. – Canada

“Your daily videos have changed the way I learn the game. Watching your videos is so much more beneficial to me than learning from a book. I wish I had this site 20 years ago! “

Bent H. – Norway

“I really enjoyed this lecture. You (and your team for that matter) explain very well. I have also had great benefit from your endgame lectures, excellent stuff. Being a member for about a month I will wholeheartely recommend this site for my friends, it deserves to be a success. Keep up the good work!”

Bob A. – USA

“I play the Rossolimo Variation as white myself, so I am very interested to see more of your ideas in this opening. I hope you plan to cover other third moves for Black: 3… e6, 3… Qc7, 3… d6, etc. Thanks for sharing your analysis.”

Enrique M. – USA

“Very nice lecture. I got a new perspective on some old ideas that has helped me understand the game better. Thanks -“