New Chess Video for April 20 – 24

Monday, April 20  IM Valeri Lilov  Setting Up the Middlegame II (strategy, middlegame)
The development and pawn structure are key to any middlegame. Check out IM Lilov’s lecture to learn more about setting these up for a successful strategy in the middlegame!

Tuesday, April 21  IM  Bill Paschall   Black with Larsen – Part 3  (openings, strategy)
The experienced Stahlberg tries to play a solid line with the fianchetto variation against Larsen’s King’s Indian. Larsen tricks Stalhberg in the opening move order by delaying d6. White further wastes time with 14 Qc2, instead of the more normal 14. Bb2. Black takes control of the key d4 square and breaks the queenside with 19…b5 ! White tries to break black’s initiative by sacrificiing a pawn, but in the heavy piece ending with opposite colored bishops, the initiative remains with black along with the extra pawn. Fine technique by Larsen, and finally Stahberg’s flag falls in a totally lost position.

Wednesday, April 22  FM Dennis Monokroussos Sacrificing the Exchange for Domination (tactics)
Many of us are used to seeing exchange sacrifices in the Sicilian where Black plays …Rxc3, but here we have an exchange sac of a very different sort. Black gets a pawn for the exchange, but White has no pawn weaknesses and seemingly no special problems whatsoever. Despite this, White has a problem: his rooks have no scope. Georgiev is able to keep his opponent restricted throughout, and this slow, Petrosianic pressure finally pays off in a model game.

Thursday, April 23  IM David Vigorito   A Theoretical Saemisch Miniature  (openings, tactics) 
In a hot theoretical line of the Samisch King’s Indian, White avoids the most critical continuation and goes for a more positional game. This line is still important, and Black plays a thematic pawn sacrifice that poses some practical problems. White runs some into trouble and then allows a sparkling tactical finish that is not to be missed!

Friday, April 24 GM Bryan Smith   Match of the (19th) Century: De Labourdonnais – McDonnell, Part 1
In this series, GM Bryan Smith covers the Match of the Century – the 19th century, that is. This fascinating and tactical game took place in the 21st game of that match. Enjoy the twists and turns of some top-level 19th century chess!