New Chess Video for September 28 – October 2

Monday, September 28 GM Leonid Kritz A Tough Fight with an Unpredictable End (tactics)
A long strategic battle in which White was pressuring for a long time, but gave Black a chance to equalize. The world champion didn’t take the chances, though, and got in big trouble. Short before the time control his position was almost lost, but then the move number 40 played its role again…

Tuesday, September 29 IM Bill Paschall Fischer and the Two Bishops, Part 6 (openings, tactics)
Fischer challenges Larsen in a main line French, Larsen seems out of his element in this classical opening. Black violates positional principles with both c4 and f6, both of which are questionable, but nevertheless typical happenings in the Winawer French. Fischer keeps the two bishops advantage throughout the game and uses these to their utmost power, opening lines, despite the somewhat closed nature of the French. Finally Larsen goes completely overboard with the optimistic 17…Kf7 ? and is punished by a swift Fischer attack. Bobby makes only one small slip , preferring 21.Bf3 ?! to the crushing 21.Bd6 ! which would have ended all resistance immediately. Instead, Fischer must win the game a second time , basing all calculations on the incredible resource 28. Bc5 !!. The 2 bishops in their utmost Fischer-esqe glory!

Wednesday, September 30 FM Dennis Monokroussos Bishop’s Opening, Part 1 (openings)
If you’re looking for an easy-to-play opening with White against 1.e4 e5, the Bishop’s Opening is worth considering. There’s much less to learn than there is in the Ruy Lopez, and while Black can also equalize more easily in this opening than in the Ruy his task isn’t a trivial one. If you are interested in taking up this opening, I’d recommend it as an occasional weapon but not necessarily something to play in every game. With that said, we begin in part 1 with an approach for Black that isn’t the top choice of theory, but which is in my experience the way most players under 2000 (and even some over 2000) tend to reply. White ends up with a favorable version of a King’s Gambit Declined, by transposition, and Black’s task is not an easy one.

Thursday, October 1 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Student Game Analysis: Play on the Whole Board! (strategy, openings)
Faced with a rare way to stop the English Fianchetto 1…b6!? White comes up with a creative plan in the opening. The plan of dxc3!? followed by 0-0-0 and g4! is a prophylactic attempt to stop Black from playing …f5. Watch and learn how White uses strategy and tactics to obtain an edge. However, Black misses an incredible tactic to save the game at the end, can you find it?

Friday, October 2 GM Bryan Smith A Repertoire for White in the Ruy Lopez: Part 8 (openings)
In this video, GM Bryan Smith shows ways to look for an advantage against the solid Breyer Variation of the Spanish.