New Chess Video for June 5 – 9

Monday, June 5 IM Valeri Lilov Crushing the Sicilian (openings, strategy)
The Sicilian Defense is arguably the most popular opening in chess. Playing against it could prove to be a difficult task for the unprepared chess player. In this video, IM Valeri Lilov provides a strategic approach to handling the Sicilian from the white side.

Tuesday, June 6 IM Bill Paschall Lecture Learning from My Losses 2017, Part 2 (openings, middlegame)
One of the most important ways of improving is by the study of your own games. IM William Paschall is seeking to improve his own game and give you analytical insights by going over a recent loss in a GM-norm tournament. In addition to uncovering our mistakes, we must understand the psychological factors that lead us to defeat.

Wednesday, June 7 FM Dennis Monokroussos Something New and Crazy in the Najdorf (openings)
It wasn’t that long ago that White’s 6th move options against the Najdorf could fit on one hand: 6.Bg5, 6.Bc4, and 6.Be2, with an occasional 6.h3 or 6.f4. Then the Byrne Attack came on the scene (6.Be3/6.f3), sucking almost all the air out of theory for other moves. But in the last few years, the choices have proliferated: 6.g3, 6.Rg1, 6.a4, 6.Nb3, 6.Qf3, 6.Bd3, 6.a3, and now…6.h4. It’s almost brand new territory, and in today’s game it was clear that the players were feeling their way, somewhat unsure of what to do. So here’s your chance to get on the cutting edge, and shock your local Najdorf player with a crazy new option.

Thursday, June 8 GM Eugene Perelshteyn What Happens When Your Winning Plans Get Derailed (openings, middlegame, endgame)
It’s easy to play when you think you have an overwhelming position.  But what happens when things get complicated?  It’s very easy to go wrong.  Watch and learn how GM Perelshteyn makes one mistake in a winning position and has to fight back!  The game becomes very tense and complex.

Friday, June 9 GM Bryan Smith Beating the Alekhine Defense, Part 3 – the New Main Line (tactics)
In Part 3, GM Smith shows how to meet the popular Miles System, 4…dxe5 5.Nxe5 c6.