New Chess Videos for April 17 – 21

Monday, April 17 IM David Vigorito The Dzindzi Indian Repertoire III (openings, strategy)
This game is an English Opening and colors are reversed, but it is related to the Dzindzi Indian repertoire. A good strategy is shown for playing against the doubled pawns in this type of structure.

Tuesday, April 18 IM Bill Paschall Essential Strategic Concepts, Part 4 The Principle of Two Weaknesses (strategy, middlegame)
In this Trompowski, White loses his advantage quickly and ends up facing a slightly worse ending. In order to solve his problems quickly, FM Mihok plays for tricks and tries to get black to go into an ending a pawn up that white can draw easily. Instead, Black puts white in a permanent pin from which there is no escape. The key for Black is to create a second weakness in order to win the game!

Wednesday, April 19 FM Dennis Monokroussos Busting a Najdorf Sideline (openings)
While many openings are forgiving when it comes to inaccuracies, the 6.Bg5 Najdorf is not one of them. Black’s opening experiment with 6…b5 may seem logical, as it’s a move Black often makes in the Najdorf. It prepares …Bb7, semi-threatens …b4, and stops Bc4 – all good points. And yet, two moves later Black was in trouble, three moves later he was losing or nearly losing, and after four moves resignation wouldn’t have been out of the question. Discovering why 6…b5 was such an unforgiving mistake is instructive, and can help those who play either side of the Najdorf or the Classical Sicilian to understand those lines better.

Thursday, April 20 GM Leonid Kritz How to Play Against Hanging Pawns (tactics)
This is a typical example of a game in which Black overestimated his chances and played too aggressively in the opening. Instead of 12….c5 he should choose a more solid way of playing. It looked like Black is getting some counterplay, but in reality the pawns in the center turned out to be weak and Mamedyarov showed very well how to play against them.

Friday, April 21 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Understanding QGD Carlsbad: Prophylactic Thinking in the Middlegame (opening, middlegame, tactics)
What do tactical tricks and mysterious rook moves have in common? Prophylactic thinking of course! Watch and learn a high-level game where prophylactic thinking dominates the middlegame decisions of both players. Nice bonus at the end: can you find a beautiful tactic for White?