New Chess Videos for August 21 – 25

Monday, August 21 IM Valeri Lilov Pawn-breaks in the Attack (opening)
Using pawn breaks as a tool to open up your pieces and attack the opponent is a common tactic used by the great masters. The problem is that for most intermediate players, pawn breaks turn out difficult to evaluate and execute properly. In this video, IM Valeri Lilov sheds some new light on that powerful technique.

Tuesday, August 22 IM Bill Paschal Petrosian on the King’s Indian Attack, Part 4 (opening, strategy)
Petrosian plays the KIA against a French setup. Black mistakenly gives up his strongpoint on d5 and White gains a serious space advantage. White is able to weaken the Black kingside and then gain decisive attacking chances. Black attempts a sacrifice for counter play, but falls short.

Wednesday, August 23 FM Dennis Monokrousos Winning a la Karpov in a Dragon Sideline (tactics)
No matter which side you like to play in the Dragon, it’s hard to avoid learning loads of theory if you want to play it correctly. So it’s nice to have a sideline handy, at least for an occasional surprise weapon. That’s what White had in this game, and it worked like gangbusters, enabling him to defeat a much stronger opponent – in style! (It helped that he knew his classics.) Dragon and anti-Dragon players especially will want to tune in and see this game!

Thursday, August 24 GM Eugene Perelshteyn The Power of the c6 Outpost (opening, strategy, endgame)
Many d4 openings have one thing in common, c6 outpost. Watch and learn how GM Perelshteyn used this outpost for his knight to paralyze his opponent’s forces. Black decides to give up a pawn to easy the tension, but White gradually finds a way to break the fortress using zugzwang ideas, very instructive!

Friday, August 25 GM Bryan Smith Adventures in the PRO Chess League, Part 1 (stategy, tactics, opening)
Bryan Smith played in the PRO Chess League for Philadelphia. Here he analyzes the first two of his four games from the rapid time control match against the team from Las Vegas. After a careful and uneventful draw with GM Kayden Troff, a wild and highly unusual follows in a gambit line in the Trompowski against GM Timur Gareev.