New Chess Videos for August 7 – 11

Monday, August 7 IM Valeri Lilov Piece and Pawns (strategy)
Often times the connection between pieces and pawns remains misunderstood by player. Whether it’s because most pawns are exchanged or they can’t carry out a significant role in the play, the average chess player doesn’t quite know how to use the pawns in support of his overall strategy in the game. IM Lilov will show you how to do that in this lecture!

Tuesday, August 8 IM Bill Paschall European Championship 2017, Part 2 (openings, strategy)

Petrosian uses his extra tempo and some creative knight maneuvers to befuddle GM Donner in the opening in a King’s Indian Reversed. Finally white gains clear control of the d5 outpost, as well as white square domination in the middlegame to obtain a clear advantage. The end stage of the battle is decided when Petrosian opens a second front to attack the Black king and create additional weaknesses in Black’s camp.

Wednesday, August 9 FM Dennis Monokroussos A Smooth Win Against the King’s Indian (openings)
The King’s Indian Defense tends to be an exciting opening where Black has lots of tricks, tactical possibilities, and attacking options. Azeri super-GM Teimour Radjabov thrives in such positions and has won plenty of great games with the King’s Indian over the years, but in this game with Hungarian GM Tamas Banusz he got none of that. White played the Fianchetto Variation against the King’s Indian, and after 6…Nc6 7.Nc3 e5 played 8.dxe5. This is very safe, but it also has its drop of poison. White was able to play risk-free chess with good play in the center and on the queenside. White won material and easily neutralized all of Black’s attempts at counterplay. If you’re looking for a low-risk anti-King’s Indian line, this game looks promising for a repertoire based on the Fianchetto System, though it must be remembered that Black can vary on moves 6 and 7.

Thursday, August 10 GM Nadya Kosintseva The Importance of Development in the Openings (openings)
Many beginning chess players get into trouble already in the initial stage of the game because they underestimate the importance of rapid development in the openings. In actual fact, the main goal of openings is placing the pieces in harmonious positions and securing the king. Instead, some players spend their time at this stage of the game for premature attacks or pawn hunting. As a result, the king of such players suffers at the center of the board and often cannot be supported in time by other pieces. In this lecture, I will demonstrate to you the danger of being behind in development from the example of grandmasters’ games as well as an instructive opening gamble for the black side that pays off in the case of White’s avidity for pawns.

Friday, August 11 GM Bryan Smith Coffeehouse Chess, Part 9 (tactics)
A wild 1983 correspondence game tumbles along through various swings in the material balance and possession of the initiative. A must see for fans of the Dragon Sicilian.