New Chess Videos for December 18 – 22

Monday, December 18  IM Valeri Lilov  Developing a Potential  (strategy, middlegame)

How to make a good position great? Everyone knows that getting an advantage is a matter of attacking. The problem comes when we try to attack when there isn’t enough of a fire power and coordination. The whole process of preparation needs a great deal time and planning, so we don’t end up losing our momentum shortly after the attack has started. Learn how to it more successfully with IM Lilov’s new lecture!

Tuesday, December 19  IM Bill Paschall  Euro Team Gems 2017, Part 3 (strategy, tactics)

Anish Giri plays a typical closed English, pressuring weak squares in Black’s position. Failing to find a traditional breakthrough, he brilliantly sacrifices his queen for a rook and minor piece to maintain the pressure. This game illustrates Giri’s strategic mastery, imagination , and his understanding of the coordination of the forces. In the end, the Black king falls to the unified white forces.

Wednesday, December 20  FM Dennis Monokroussos  Long-Term Sacrifices: A Staggering Example (strategy, tactics)

A Google team wrote a program, Alpha Zero, that taught itself to play good chess, and it succeeded in a big way, winning a 100-game match with 28 wins, 72 draws, and not so much as a single loss. While there are questions about various disparities between Alpha Zero’s hardware and Stockfish’s, the chess produced by Alpha Zero was stunning. It wasn’t just the result, but the games. Here we see one of Alpha Zero’s wins, a jaw-dropping masterpiece featuring some very long-term sacrifices that work. Watch, and be amazed.

Thursday, December 21  GM Leonid Kritz  Crazy House – or Endless Preparation?  (opening, tactics)

This game developed in a very unusual fashion. It looked like Black was well prepared and took quickly over the initiative, but in the end Aronian played a brilliant series of moves and got a winning position. I am wondering how much White did calculate at the board, and how much was prepared at home. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aronian had analyzed the position after 28.Kg3 at home. Well, we’ll never know….

Friday, December 22  GM Eugene Perelshteyn  Punish Fedoseev’s Wild g2-g4 Push in the Accelerated Dragon! (opening, tactics)

At the recent FIDE World Cup, young Russian superstar Fedoseev introduces a fresh idea g2-g4 vs the Accelerated Dragon.  However, don’t worry as GM Perelshteyn presents a refutation with some spectacular sacrifices!  Must see video!