New Chess Videos December 21 – 25

Monday, December 21 IM Valeri Lilov How to Punish Bad Openings (strategy, openings)
Many amateur or even club players know that bad play in the opening is punishable if the opponent plays correctly. How to arrange a successful attack if the opponent deviates from the main course of development is the key topic in this lecture. Don’t miss it!

Tuesday, December 22 IM Bill Paschall A Tense Benoni (strategy)
Chesslecture’s IM William Paschall reviews his own recent original game with white in a topical line of the Modern Benoni. White tries a creative but very risky plan with 10.g4 and 11.Kf1, which has rarely been played in practice. The game is tense and interesting, but finally black begins to defend too passively and falls behind. To improve in chess, it is critical to review one’s own games, and the following was a learning experience for both the author and hopefully all of our ChessLecture viewers!

Wednesday, December 23 FM Dennis Monokroussos Bishop’s Opening, Part 3 (openings)
One important option for Black against the Bishop’s Opening is transposition into the King’s Gambit Declined. This option was mentioned in an earlier part of the series, but this time we take a very deep look at it, completing our repertoire series on this somewhat underestimated option for White against 1.e4 e5.

Thursday, December 24 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Learning from Kramnik: How to Convert a Slight Edge in the Endgame Part 1 (strategy, endgame)
Learn from the best! Young Kramnik demonstrates amazing understanding of the endgame and comes up with a winning plan in a “completely” equal position. Lautier plays active chess true to his style to sac a pawn to reach a R+P endgame. However, Kramnik has a nice surprise prepared to take the game to the technical stage. Enjoy boring chess!

Friday, December 25 GM Bryan Smith A Tempo-Up Benoni (openings)
In this video, GM Bryan Smith shows an intricate and complex game which was the decisive last round of a recent tournament.