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Monday, December 4 IM Valeri Lilov Converting a Positional Advantage (strategy)
Many chess players find it rather difficult to convert an advantage. That’s because they tend to look for a quick win that often results in unexpected complications and the advantage being lost in the process. The key to making our advantage grow lies in the possibility of simplifying the position and restricting the opponent at the same time. Check out IM Lilov’s suggestions on how you can do that like a master!

Tuesday, December 5 IM Bill Paschall Euro Team Gems 2017, Part 1 (opening, tactics)
Running very hot in 2017, Mamedyarov takes his game to the European Team Champs. Playing against the solid Queen’s Gambit Declined, the super GM opts for the modern 5.Bf4, but uses a tricky move order. Black allows himself an isolated queen pawn on d5 and Mamedyarov quickly gets to work with unexpected tactics. White plays an aggressive and creative game, and with some help from the opponent , converts the full point.

Wednesday, December 6 FM Dennis Monokroussos Structure Isn’t Everything, and Neither is Capturing Towards the Center (tactics)
Very early in our chess lives we are taught to capture with our pawns towards the center, and that we should avoid crimes against our structure like taking on doubled, isolated pawns. Those are handy rules of thumb, but over time they can ossify in our minds to the point of becoming positional laws. Then they’ve gone too far. To that end, the three game fragments in this video should help. The winners of all three games did horrible things to their pawn structures, but in every case it was to their advantage to do so and played a critical role in their success. And that’s what counts.

Thursday, December 7 GM Leonid Kritz How Not to Play the Grunfeld (tactics)
This game is a very good example of what happens if Black breaks the basic rule of playing the Gruenfeld – be proactive and seek counterplay. Li did not get any counterplay against the white center and got crushed with no chance. A good illustration that emphasizes that in certain opening fighting for initiative is essential for survival.

Friday, December 8 GM Eugene Perelshteyn How to Play with the Pawn Center: Attack And Defense (strategy, tactics, endgames)
Do you know how to handle the pawn center? Watch and learn how easy it is to mishandle the position resulting from a Grunfeld Defense. Pay attention to White’s and Black’s pawn moves, things are not as simple as they seen! What seems like a normal position quickly turns into a crazy endgame where passed pawns are countered with mating nets! Can you find the key tactic for Black at the end?