New Chess Videos for February 12 – 16

Monday, February 12
IM Bill Paschall Human vs 2700 | middlegame, tactics

It’s rare to see a player below GM level tackle a top player. In the following game a “human” player (under 2400) plays an absolute masterpiece of attack against a top pro. Self confidence is key and it is very important not to be intimidated by higher rated players. IM Quillan plays aggressively from the start , gaining space and going on to play the entire game without even a small mistake. GM Dubov, who is a huge young talent in world chess undoubtedly underestimated his opponent, but by the time he realized he was in trouble it was too late!

Tuesday, February 13
GM Leonid Kritz A Very Interesting Strategic Battle | strategy

This game is very rich in interesting strategic ideas. In the opening Black fully equalized the position, but Kramnik invented a very interesting plan with long castling, and slowly outplayed his less experienced opponent. Matlakov had multiple ways to get good counterplay, but preferred to play passively and was punished for that.

Wednesday, February 14
FM Dennis Monokroussos So Much for Prep: Caruana Innovates, but Anand Wins | strategy, tactics

In the 2018 edition of the Tata Steel Masters, Viswanathan Anand got off to a great start including an impressive win in round 3 over Fabiano Caruana. Caruana has been playing the Petroff regularly, and prepared a very interesting novelty for this game, one which took Anand by surprise. The former champion didn’t refute the idea, but his reply proved effective. Caruana was unable to find the subtle path to equality, and in the resulting middlegame his rook and pawn wasn’t a very good match for Anand’s bishop and knight. Anand’s play wasn’t perfect, but his inaccuracies were less costly than Caruana’s. In the end, Caruana was outplayed, and finally fell prey to a beautiful tactical blow that finished the game.

Thursday, February 15
GM Eugene Perelshteyn Fighting Reti vs 2700 SuperGM Vallejo Pons | opening, tactics

GM Perelshteyn faces an elite 2700 GM and doesn’t shun away from sacrificing a pawn for initiative in the popular Reti opening. For a while White plays well, but then two natural moves allow Black to get back in the game. How could White have reached a winning advantage? The answer will surprise you!

Friday, February 16
GM Bryan Smith Ivanchuk in the World Cup 2017 | strategy, tactics

In the 2017 World Cup in Tbilisi, fan favorite Vassily Ivanchuk had great success, reaching the fifth round in the knockout format. Here we see his entertaining victory against Anish Giri.