New Chess Videos for February 20 – 24

Monday, February 20 IM Bill Paschall Bishop with a Vengeance (tactics, endgame)
A typical Queen’s Indian Petrosian variation is reached, with a pawn structure most typical of the Queen’s Gambit. Exchanging pawns on d5 at move 10, white strives to shut down Reshevsky’s bishop on b7. Shortly thereafter, Evans makes the questionable decision to trade pieces on e4 and the black d5 pawn inches closer, gaining space and more potential for the “bad” bishop on b7. Finally, white allows a devastating exchange sacrifice to clear the entire diagonal and Sammy wraps up this very instructive game by initiating a strong attack in combination with the now lethal b7 bishop.

Tuesday, February 21 IM David Vigorito Changing the Course of the Game (tactics)
A groggy start to a weekend tournament brings me to the brink of defeat in a sharp Sicilian. During the game I was already contemplating my withdrawal from the tournament! A quickly played move from my opponent at least gives me a chance to fight, and then after a second mistake the tables turn completely.

Wednesday, February 22 FM Dennis Monokroussos Something New in the Najdorf (tactics)

Thursday, February 23 GM Eugene Perelshteyn A Simple Way to Build a Maroczy Bind vs. the Najdorf (strategy, openings)
Watch and learn how to build a powerful Maroczy Bind vs the Najdorf using 3.Qxd4!? idea. White plays Bb5+,c4 and gets the dream position. The key is to keep your eye open on …b5 and …d5 counterplay, while building up the position. Black quickly runs out of counter and loses the thread of the game. White’s plan is simple: provoke weaknesses, attack them, using the outposts!

Friday, February 24 GM Bryan Smith Coffeehouse Chess, Part 7 (tactics)
A consultation game that pitted Alexander Alekhine and Ossip Bernstein against Akiba Rubinstein and Alexei Goncharov provides great entertainment, as Team Rubinstein’s Pieces invaded and surrounded Team Alekhine’s king – yet it was Team Alekhine who was winning.