New Chess Videos for April 11 – 15

Monday, April 11 IM Valeri Lilov The Two Weaknesses Concept (strategy)
The Two Weaknesses concept is a really good one when it comes down to transforming an advantage. All the great masters in history have had an opportunity to use it, yet it often remains misunderstood in terms of practical application by the majority of intermediate and even some advanced player. How to use it successfully is the major topic in this lecture!

Tuesday, April 12 IM Bill Paschall The Genius of Michael Adams Part 7 (opening, tactics)
A classic Marshall Attack in the Spanish game by Michael Adams as black against a top notch opponent. Polgar plays the fashionable d3 variation of the Marshall Gambit accepted, where she finds Adams is well prepared. White tries a new plan with the idea of 18.Qf3 and Bd1, but is forced to make the extremely weakening move 20.g4. In this relatively early chess computer era, it is possible that Polgar’s preparation was just not strong enough, she didn’t see over the horizon and Adams was able to question the new system with a natural and dangerous attack, typical of the Marshall variation. Perhaps Polgar could have defended with perfect play, but over the board it proved too difficult.

Wednesday, April 13 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Catalan Anti-Sicilian? (middlegame, tactics)
In a recent game I faced the Sicilian, and after a sideline on my part and a rather more unusual reply from my opponent an odd middlegame arose in which White’s play bore an odd resemblance to a Catalan. My opponent focused his efforts on neutralizing my queenside pressure, but it came at the expense of his king, leading to a more typical Sicilian outcome.

Thursday, April 14 GM Leonid Kritz An Interesting Opening Idea in the English
The most interesting part of this game was the opening idea c5 + Bxc6. Black reacted very badly by taking the pawn and getting into a very passive situation. In general, I think that this game shows that Black should not hurry with Nc6, but develop the king side first, and play Nc6 later when no tactical tricks are available anymore.

Friday, April 15 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Positional Domination Requires Tactics To Put Away Your Opponent (strategy, tactics)
Have you noticed that positional factors alone don’t win games? At some point you need to apply tactics to put your opponent away. This game is a perfect example how Black failed to find several tactical ideas that would win the game on the spot. As a result, White was back in the game, and even took over the initiative, but then the White player missed tactics and lost right away. The lesson: no matter how great your positional skills are, tactics are still essential!