New Chess Videos for April 13-17

Monday, April 13  IM Valeri Lilov   Setting Up the Middlegame (middlegame)

Setting up a good middlegame position is a major challenge for many players, due to the complexity of features and components required. In his new lecture, IM talks about getting a good middlegame structure out of the opening.

Tuesday, April 14  IM Bill Paschall   Black with Larsen – Part 2 (middlegame, tactics)

Larsen plays a rare variation of the Czech Benoni. The experienced Flohr misplaces his white squared bishop in the opening and allows Larsen to steal the initiative with well timed pawn sacrifices on both flanks. Larsen breaks through then by means of a classic Benoni style exchange sacrifice followed by an attack on Flohr’s king. This game is clear evidence that the initiative is far more important than material in the hands of a fighting player.

Wednesday, April 15  FM Dennis Monokroussos   How to Build An Attack (opening, attacking chess, prophylaxis)

My opponent in this rapid game was a good player, but he played a little too provocatively and carelessly in the opening. When that happens
– and it happens to all of us – even a very good player can have a very bad day. I was able to first shut down any possible counterplay he might have
achieved on the queenside, and then turned my attention to his insufficiently guarded kingside. It was a nice attack, but the real work was done in the preparation stage.

Thursday, April 16  IM David Vigorito Revenge Against Cuban Super-GM (Kind of…)   (calculation, strategy)

Just two weeks after my loss to Bruzon, I face him again, but this time I have White. Everything goes wrong in the opening, or so it seems, but I am able to muster enough energy to hold him off this time.

Friday, April 17  GM Eugene Perelshteyn Modern Way to Face the Grunfeld with 3.f3!  (opening, tactics, space advantage)

Learn a new system against the Grunfeld that involves gaining space in the center KID Saemish style.  Wesley So makes is look easy and White obtains a large space advantage right out of the opening.  Black’s cramped pieces and no active plan result in poor maneuvering his knight from f6 to c6 only to be punished by a thematic Nd5! idea.  Try to find a nice bonus of a windmill at the end!