New Chess Videos for Aug 15 – 19

Monday, August 15 IM David Vigorito Anatomy of a Disaster (openings)
In this game my opponent was in a must-win situation. He played an incredibly risky opening that objectively just seems bad. It is complicated however, and in my poor form I not only failed to punish my opponent, but I had my worst white loss in a decade. An interesting lesson in risk-taking.

Tuesday, August 16 IM Bill Paschall Caruana Conjures in the Caro (tactics)
Caruana makes the impractical decision to play for a win as black with the Caro-Kann defense against a lower rated grandmaster. In the Advance variation, Short line, he chooses the modern 5…Ne7. We see a repeat of a recent game from the Polish Championship with the dubious 8…g5, which is positionally unsound. Najer deviates from the afore mentioned game with 11. c4 , when it seems white is giving black good defensive chances by yielding the d5 outpost to black. Despite achieving a reasonable position, white plays awkwardly with his rooks and leaves himself little room for mistakes. Some good defense and practical play is featured here by Caruana , after achieving a questionable game out of the opening.

Wednesday, August 17 FM Dennis Monokroussos Italian Game Sidelines: The Hungarian Defense and 3…d6 (openings, tactics)

Italian Game Sidelines: The Hungarian Defense and 3…d6. Tags: . A viewer was curious about the Hungarian Defense, so we’ll have a look at it and its cousin, 3…d6, against the Italian Game. Both moves allow White to obtain a slight but stable advantage – generally with natural moves – both Black achieves playable positions and can avoid a fair amount of theory.

Thursday, August 18 GM Leonid Kritz Amazing Battle from Beginning to End (openings)
A really interesting game that took an untraditional development from the very beginning. It looked so as if White quickly gets an advantage, but the position of Black had many nuances that needed to be taken care of. In the end, though, White did not find the right way, and only thanks to Black’s mistake in the endgame was he able to get a full point.

Friday, August 19 GM Bryan Smith Exploring Rook Endgames, Part 6: Andersson – Huebner (endgame)
In this elegant endgame by one of the greatest masters of that field ever – Ulf Andersson – we see very clearly the theme which has run throughout this series. White establishes a permanent positional advantage on the kingside, and finally simplifies the game to the point where that advantage is all that remains. Watch how Andersson makes it look easy.