New Chess Videos for August 17 – August 21

Monday, August 17  IM Valeri Lilov Zukertort’s Immortal  (middlegame)
Johannes Zukertort was a leading chess master of the 20th century. He was the “world number two” for most of the 1870s and 1880s behind Wilhelm Steinitz. This game is called Zukertort’s Immortal game. Zukertort sacrifices his Queen but Blackburne cannot accept, Zukertort sacrifices a rook which Blackburne declines, soon Zukertort forces Blackburne to take the rook and resign 3 moves later. Steinitz described this as “one of the most brilliant games on record.
Tuesday, August 18  IM Bill Paschall  Classic Karpov, Part 5 (endgame, tactics)
Karpov again finds himself in a Queen’s Gambit type of position where he is comfortable with both colors. This time, with black, he exploits Kortchnoi’s move order to equalize through simplification. Kortchnoi refuses a chance to steer the game to drawish simplification and finds himself in an IQP position without sufficient attacking chances. White ends up with a weak queen pawn and slowly he also finds himself with an exposed king. The technique by Karpov in the heavy piece endgame is noteworthy.
Wednesday, August 19  FM  Dennis Monokroussos Grandmaster vs. Amateur: A Modern Fairy Tale (tactics) 
When grandmasters face amateurs in open tournaments, the odds are that the GM will win, of course, though sometimes the amateur will get a draw or even the occasional win, at least when it’s a pretty strong amateur. Generally that will take the weaker player having a great game or a blunder from the GM. But in the normal course of things the grandmaster’s superior knowledge, understanding and skill will determine the issue. The weaker player will misjudge something, lose ground, and after a few such misjudgments the game ends in the pro’s favor. That sort of death-by-misjudgment occurs in this game, too, but amazingly it’s the GM who makes all the bad decisions. White takes far too many liberties, perhaps hoping that his opponent will play scared and make concessions, but it doesn’t happen. Mr. Daniel Grimm played with energy and courage, and simply crushed his grandmaster opponent. You might say it was like a Grimm fairy tale, with a happy ending for the victor and a grim finish for the loser.
Thursday, August 20  GM Eugene Perelshteyn  Learning From Mistakes: Student Game Analysis
(tactics, strategy) 
What can we learn from two 1600’s playing out the Closed English?  Well…thanks to their instructive mistakes… a lot!  These include: strategy, tactics, prophylactic thinking.  Enjoy and take notice as it’s best to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than your own!
Friday, August 21  GM Bryan Smith  A Repertoire for White in the Ruy Lopez: Part 4 (opening)
In this video, GM Bryan Smith shows how to take on the sharp and aggressive Schliemann Variation.
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