New Chess Videos for December 19 – December 23

Monday, December 19  IM Valeri Lilov Getting the Space Advantage (middlegame)
Getting the space advantage is known to be the highest priority and most important task in every opening or middlegame. How to acquire a strong space advantage brings up an important theme to learn from this lecture!

Tuesday, December 20  IM Bill Paschall European Club Cup Part 2 – Benoni Knightmare (opening, tactics)
White plays a not-so-surprise variation against Benoni that has long gone out of fashion. Lupulescu innovates with the novelty 13.Qc2 and simply loses time. It’s possible that he was inducing black to play play 13…Bf5, but this plan of Qd1 and Nh4 proves a costly waste of time for white. Black demonstrates incredibly the power of quick development and centralization. The sacrificial attack which follows is quite natural, given that the white king is trapped in the center. The finish features an original mating attack by GM Papp Gabor.

Wednesday, December 21  FM Dennis Monokroussos Facing One’s Favorite Opening (opening, strategy)
Nikita Vitiugov has written a couple of fine books on the French, and he is or at least was a consistent practitioner of that opening. So what does he do when he faces it? In this game we can see for ourselves, as he wins a model game against Michael Feygin.

Thursday, December 22  GM Eugene Perelshteyn When Two Knights Are Better Than Two Bishops (strategy, endgame)
We all know about the advantage of two bishops. But what about two knights? When are knights better than bishops? Watch as GM Perelshteyn explains the key factors that make the knights more powerful! Bonus: practice your endgame skills as well!

Friday, December 23  GM Bryan Smith Kramnik’s Irrepressible Tactics (tactics)
In this game, we see an example of Kramnik taking on the …Bf5 system against the King’s Indian Attack. He manages to create an attack that won’t go out.