New Chess Videos for December 5 – 9

Monday, December 5 IM Valeri Lilov Attack in the Opening (strategy, openings)
Attacking in the opening is very tricky. Everyone wants to attack but what are the right features to setup an attack early on? Check IM Lilov’s videos to study more!

Tuesday, December 6 IM Bill Paschall Sharp Struggle at the Russian Superfinal
Grandmaster Tomashevsky deals with the Classical Variation of the Nimzo-Indian (4.Qc2) using a relatively new and successful system. Black plays an early b6 , allowing white to set up a strong pawn center, in order to counterattack with a quick c5. White’s play is non critical. The best line of attack seems to be the alternative, the sharp 6.e5 leading to complications. Bocharov’s quieter approach with 6.d5 gives black good counterplay along the e-file and seems to leave white slightly overextended. The game becomes insanely complicated later as both sides play sharply for the win. Tomashevsky finds an inventive queen sacrifice and Bocharov matches him blow for blow until mistepping in an objectively equal position.

Wednesday, December 7 FM Dennis Monokroussos A Wild Modern from the European Club Cup (opening, tactics)
Super-GM Dmitry Andreikin was a heavy favorite against Marco Baldauf in their game from the 2016 European Club Cup, and he did go on to win the game. Along the way there were many adventures, though, and while Baldauf didn’t make the most of his opportunities he did take advantage of enough of them to give his elite opponent a fright. It was an entertaining game, and an instructive one for those who play either side of the Modern or the King’s Indian.

Thursay, December 8 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Accelerated Dragon: Tricky Tactics in the Middlegame! (tactics, middlegame, endgame)
White makes some positional concessions early in the game, but what follows next is instructive tactical melee that requires both players to be extra accurate. The resulting endgame is easy to misplay. White’s knights get carried away with too much pawn grabbing, allowing Black to set up an elegant trap. Can you find it?

Friday, December 9 GM Bryan Smith Coffeehouse Chess, Part 5 (openings)
In the fifth video of “Coffeehouse Chess”, we see an old king hunt played between two famous study composers.