New Chess Videos for February 15 – 19

Monday, February 15 GM Nadya Kosintseva QGD Ragozin Defense, Part 8: Classical, But Not Boring Bd3, Part 2 (opening, tactics)
In the second part of the Bd3 line, we consider Bh3 move after Black’s g6 instead of exchanging the white-squared bishop. Similarly to the part-1, Black needs to organize the counter play against White’s weaknesses on the queen side and watch out for breaking e3-e4. You will learn the positional nuances and typical tactical tricks for the both sides and, as a result, will be able to understand the invisible logic of the opening.

Tuesday, February 16 IM Bill Paschall Steinitzian Classics Part 4 (opening, tactics)
Steinitz plays his favorite Vienna Gambit and black goes astray losing control of the center after the faulty 4…dxe4. Steinitz gains central control and sacrifices a piece to trap the black king in the center and prevent his harmonious development. Steinitz paralzyes the king and traps the black rooks out of play, then breaking through tactically with his coordinated forces. A model game for white !

Wednesday, February 17 GM Eugene Perelshteyn. Carlsen Shines in Qatar: Positional Masterpiece Against a Strong Russian Junior (strategy, middlegame)
Did you ever expect Carlsen to play in an Open tournament? Magnus is either bored or loves a challenge… World Champ teaches us a thing or two about positional chess: space advantage, a bishop pair, the h-pawn rush, an exchange sac…what more can use ask? Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18 IM Valeri Lilov Smyslov’s Positional Mastery (strategy, middlegame)
Vladimir Kramnik once said about Smyslov: “He mastered all elements of play. Smyslov was a brilliant endgame specialist, all in all his play resembled a smooth flow, like a song. When you look at his games, you have that light feeling as if his hand is making the moves all by itself while the man is making no effort at all – just like he was drinking coffee or reading a newspaper! This has the feel of Mozart’s light touch! No stress, no effort, everything is simple yet brilliant. I like this feature of Smyslov and I am fond of his games.” How did Smyslov succeed in his games? Learn from this video lecture!

Friday, February 19 GM Bryan Smith The Fierce MacCutcheon, Part 5 (openings)
In this game by the author, the closed but extremely sharp positions after 8…Kf8 are examined.