New Chess Videos for February 16 – 20

Monday, February 16 IM David Vigorito Calculation and Candidate Moves (tactics)
In an offbeat opening I make the decision to sacrifice a pawn for the initiative. This requires both good judgment and calculation. While the former was on target, the latter left a lot to be desired. this game is a good example of how it is important to be critical of not only your losses, but your wins.

Tuesday, February 17 IM Bill Paschall Mohr Flohr! Part 2 (middlegame, tactics)
The usual solid, positional Flohr goes on a sort of tactical rampage in his own variation of the English. White employs the brilliant strategic idea 12.Qa4 in the opening and then follows up with the messy pawn sacrifice 13.c5!? Both sides could have vastly improved their play in the middlegame. Flohr rushes the tactics a bit with an unnecessary yet interesting exchange sacrifice at d7. Finally the smoke clears and the black king is wide open in the center. A funny blunder at the very end by Flohr could have allowed Kashdan to save a draw. Not a flawless game, but a refreshing change of pace for the usually controlled Flohr. Definitely not a one trick pony !

Wednesday, February 18 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Strongest 15-Year-Old in History?
The 15-year-old Chinese grandmaster Wei Yi has just become the youngest player in chess history to achieve a 2700 rating, breaking the record formerly held by Magnus Carlsen. An incredible achievement! The game we’ll see here may not be the greatest test of his skill, but it’s very impressive, both as a demonstration of preparation and accurate – and imaginative – calculation. Moreover, it’s just a beautiful game, so enjoy it and prepare to see many more great games by Wei Yi in the years to come.

Thursday, February 18 GM Leonid Kritz Rainfall of Unpredictable Possibilities (openings, strategy)
A game that got out of my control pretty early because my opponent chose a system that surprised me a lot. Usually black does not play c5, but e5. A small mistake (Bf2) instead of healthy a3 allowed black to get some counterplay, and if he took on f8 with the bishop rather than with the rook, the game should end in a draw. Interesting endgame and many unexpected turns are the label of this game.

Friday, February 19 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Solitaire Chess: Understanding the Complex Hedgehog Stucture (middlegame, strategy)
Challenge yourself in this instructive game on the Hedgehog structure. White’s central grip and space advantage is counterbalanced by Black’s dynamic potential. An extra bonus is cool tactics throughout the game!