New Chess Videos for February 29 – March 4

Monday, February 29  GM Nadya Kosintseva QGD Ragozin Defense, Part 10 (openings)
In the second part of the 5.Qa4 line, we discuss separately the 6.e3 move. In general, this line is considered harmless for the black side, but still promises a competitive advantage from knowing the correct order move and an ability to recognize strategical nuances of different pawn structures. Instead of long forced variations, we will learn some standard plans and typical maneuvers of the pieces which enhance additionally general understanding of chess. This completes our ten-part discussion of the sharp, counter-attacking Ragozin Defense to the Queen’s Gambit.

Tuesday, March 1  IM Bill Paschall The Genius of Michael Adams Part 1 (openings, strategy)

This game is a classic Adams squeeze against the Sicilian Defense. In a fianchetto Najdorf, white restrains black on the queenside and then expands with his own kingside pawns. Adams combines positional and tactical motifs throughout the game to launch a crushing attack against the weakened black kingside. Adams shows great attacking instincts as well as good care and respect for the safety of his own king. Of particular significance is Adams’ sacrifice of a pawn in the middlegame to gain the bishop pair as well as time and initiative. Not many players are capable of crushing a 2700+ rated opponent in this manner.

Wednesday, March 2  FM Dennis Monokroussos Remembering Paul Keres, Part 2: The 1940s (strategy)
This week we look at a slightly more sedate game – but only slightly! Playing Black in a world championship event, Paul Keres manages to beat a former world chess champion in just 25 moves – a startling accomplishment. This is all the more impressive given that his opponent, Max Euwe, was a very good theoretician. Keres was one of the greatest specialists ever in the Ruy Lopez, especially on the black side, and this week’s game offers ample confirmation of that claim.

Thursday, March 3  IM Valeri Lilov The Secret of Tal (middlegame)
Let’s remember Great Tal and his “Attack Strategy” towards the goal. Tal developed a strategy towards understanding and making the best of the uncertain states on the board. He created illuminative terms for chess theory which can be used as pillars of a business development strategy. According to Tal, in the course of chess party, there comes a moment where the player with the lead in development has to attack or risk losing this advantage. Thus Tal affirms that, the main advantage is preparation, lead and attacking at the right time. Lilov’s latest lecture shows how Tal did this beautifully!

Friday, March 4  GM Leonid Kritz A Very Non-Standard Development (strategy)
Both players like aggressive and non-standard ways of playing, but this game was rather strategic in its nature. Black played interesting, but not necessarily good, so after Aronian solved all the opening problems he got a position with light pressure. A couple of small mistakes made the position of Jobava lost and Aronian converted his advantage easily.