New Chess Videos for January 11 – 15

Monday, January 11  IM Valeri Lilov  Maneuver as Kovacevic! (strategy, middlegame)
GM Kovacevic is known as a great theorist and opening inventor. He was a true middlegame master as well. In his new lecture, IM Valeri Lilov shows a masterful example of utilizing piece regrouping and maneuvering to their full potential!

Tuesday, January 12  IM Bill Paschall   Hungarian Bronze at European Teams Part 3 (opening, strategy)
The prodigious Hungarian GM Richard Rapport leads his team to a win in their match against France. Once again, Rapport takes an experienced player out of book very early , this time with a strange version of the Bird’s Opening. White’s setup with f4 and an early c4 looks strange and certainly should be fine for black. Fressinet, however, is apparently taken off guard. Black’s reaction of playing e6 followed by dxc4 later, simply gives up the center. White takes the center and then black lashes out with an unsound pawn sacrifice to attempt to free his position. Rapport just keeps the extra pawn and then breaks through on the kingside with the beautiful shot 29. f5!

Wednesday, January 13  FM Dennis Monokroussos   Staying Cool Against A Novelty (tactics)
Hellers-Khalifman. Title: Staying Cool Against A Novelty. Tags: Khalifman, Caro-Kann. Description: Playing Black in a big money game in the last round of the 1990 New York Open, future FIDE World Champion Alexander Khalifman was confronted by a very dangerous novelty, a pawn sac that seemed to give White tremendous play. He didn’t rush past the key moment, nor did he look for some way to bail out with a slightly worse position. Instead, he took his time, worked through the options, and by a process of elimination found a brilliant reply. Confronted in turn by a surprise, his opponent did not manage to keep his own wits about him, and Khalifman went on to win a nice, theoretical important and lucrative game, taking clear first in the tournament.

Thursday, January 14  GM  Leonid Kritz   A Very Suspicious Novelty That Paid Off (opening)
Black plays a very suspicious plan in the opening and gets a position that cannot be good, but White does not find the way to punish him and, moreover, starts a combination that brings only draw, not more. Even worse, he overstretches and loses without any chances.

Friday, January 14  GM Eugene Perelshteyn   How to Play Dynamic Chess! (tactics)
What is dynamic chess? How can you tell when you should sacrifice material for development. Strong plays like Tal, Kasparov, and Shirov have an innate feel for this. But you can develop this as well if you practice and pay attention to the relative value of pieces and king safety. Watch how Eugene plays of his best games of his life to beat a strong GM Holt to prove that dynamic chess still lives in the 21st century!