New Chess Videos for January 25-29

Monday, January 25 GM Nadya Kosintseva QGD Ragozin Defense, Part 5: The Malicious Be2 Line (openings)
White does not do anything against Black’s plans on the queen side, but instead just finishes development of the pieces on the king side playing e3 and then Be2 after Bg5. Which will prevail? Black’s attack against White’s pawn weaknesses on the queen side or White’s counter play in the center? No easy decisions for either side. Every move counts.

Tuesday, January 26 IM Bill Paschall Steinitzian Classics Part 1 (middlegame, tactics)

Steinitz develops logically and efficiently when confronted with an unorthodox defense. Black sets up too passively with the move 10….Nbd7. In an apparently locked and symmetrical structure, the first World Champion unleashes a sacrificial assault beginning with 15.g4 to bring down his opponent’s king protection. The black king cannot resist as he is behind terms of both space and development. A model attacking game for white.

Wednesday, January 27 FM Dennis Monokroussos Remembering Reti, Part 2: Reti Rolls A Future World Champion (tactics)

In 1920 Max Euwe wasn’t yet the player he would become, but he wasn’t bad, either. He and Richard Reti played a four game match that year, and Reti won 3-1. Every game was decisive, and we’ll look at the first two, both won in spectacular style by Reti. In the first game, Euwe offers a sacrifice in the opening; Reti takes it, then sacrifices even more and wins in crushing style. In the second game it’s Reti who plays a gambit, then sacrifices even more material to win once again in crushing style! Reti may be best known to us today as a “hypermodern”, but he could play romantic, swashbuckling chess with the best of them.

Thursday, January 28 IM David Vigorito Inside Coverage of the USCL 2015 – part 18 (openings, strategy)
in this game I have the formidable task of holding off GM Becerra, a player that I was 0/4 against. I was winning the last game so I tried not to let this affect me. Becerra is a noted theoretician, yet for the second game in a row he avoided mainstream theory. Here he plays a ‘harmless’ Anti-Sicilian, but I was well aware that the line had some bite. I easily neutralized his slight initiative, but I also explain how he could have managed to get into the line that I imagine he was aiming for.

Friday, January 29 GM Bryan Smith The Fierce MacCutcheon, Part 2 (openings)
The main deviation, 5.exd5, is covered in this video featuring a short and sharp win by Black.