New Chess Videos for July 6-10

Monday, July 6  IM David Vigorito Punishing Indifferent Play (opening, endgame)
In this game a 2600+ player is seemingly caught off guard by Nakamura’s opening choice. After Socko plays a harmless exchange of pieces in the opening, he quickly ends up in a slightly worse position. The American super-GM seems to easily increase his advantage in methodical fashion.

Tuesday, July 7  IM Bill Paschall Miles on Hypermodernism, Part 4 (opening, middlegame)
Miles uncorks another hypermodern staple from his repertoire; the Nimzovich Defense. The game takes on a Scotch type of structure and white gains an opening advantage due to his strong central e4 pawn.Later, white fails to consolidate his space advantage and Miles takes the initiative with an early queen sortie to h4. We see another example of weaknesses and over-extension exploited by black. In particular, the move 12. g3 leads to serious weaknesses in white’s camp and Miles launches a decisive counter attack in the hypermodern style.

Wednesday, July 8  FM Dennis Monokroussos The Mighty Chigorin, Episode 1 (opening, tactics)
Tags: Chigorin, Steinitz, Evans Gambit, positional play
Description: We’ve recently seen the great Russian player Mikhail Chigorin at his worst, but in fact he was a terrific player who deserved his two shots at the world championship. Here we see him comprehensively outplay the world champion with White in an Evans Gambit, showing good opening preparation, better judgment, a fine tactical eye and great creativity on his way to an impressive victory in the first game of a two-game match played by cable.

Thursday, July 9  GM Eugene Perelshteyn How to Win Without Ever Moving Your King! (opening, tactics)
In the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon, White chooses a very sharp idea with an early h4 pawn push. But Black can just leave the king in the center and activate all the pieces! Watch how the king has never moved from e8 when White resigned.

Friday, July 10  GM Bryan Smith The Clear Play of Bobby Fischer, Part 8 (opening, tactics)
For the final game of the series, we look at one of Fischer’s last publicized games – from his 1992 rematch against Boris Spassky. In this match, the off-the-board events somewhat overshadowed the play, so the games are not so well known. But here we can see how Fischer has adapted to the changed opening theory, using the relatively-new English attack against the Sicilian, and showing clear and purposeful play in the opposite-side castling situation.