New Chess Videos for June 1 – June 5

Monday, June 1  IM Valeri Lilov Pawn Structure Ideas
What are the key ideas concerning pawn structures? How and when do we choose to change it? Is it mandatory to attack upon pawn exchanges? All these and more questions come through every player’s mind all the time. See IM Lilov’s new video to learn more on this valuable topic!

Tuesday, June 2  IM Bill Paschall Black with Larsen – Part 5
Larsen employs his favorite Sicilian Dragon with black. Using an enterprising exchange variation, black forces a dangerous situation where his dark squared, “dragon” bishop is unopposed, and the white king’s pawn cover has been weakened. Ivkov fails to exploit some inaccuracies by Larsen in the middlegame and succumbs to a mating attack. An instructive and practical example of playing for a win with black at all cost.

Wednesday, June 3  FM Dennis Monokroussos Great Tragedies in Chess History, Part 1
No one likes to lose in chess, and it’s all the more painful when the loss comes in a big event. Even worse: a painful loss from a winning position! In this game, that’s just what happens to the player with the white pieces, Mikhail Chigorin, and it couldn’t happen at a worse time. If he wins the game, his match for the world championship against Wilhelm Steinitz is tied, and the next player to win a game would win the match. Instead, he lost, and with it lost the match. A painful day for Chigorin, and an important day for chess history as well. Let’s have a look.

Thursday, June 4  IM David Vigorito A Short Beginner’s Q and P Endgame Lesson (with Apologies to Nigel)
The endgame with one side having a Queen and the other having a passed pawn on the seventh rank is important to understand. Depending on the file of the pawn, the position can be a win or a draw. A recent game between Kasparov and Short showed that even strong Grandmasters can goof up this ending! We also look at a well-known trap where K+Q vs K+Q is a win for one side.

Friday, June 5  GM Bryan Smith The Clear Play of Bobby Fischer, Part 3
Bobby Fischer had a famous weak point in his handling of the French Defense. However, in this game against Klaus Darga, he shows no such weakness, as his attack flows smoothly on the dark squares after a pawn sacrifice. After one clear mistake by his opponent, several jiu-jitsu like moves allows him to rapidly break down the black position.