New Chess Videos for June 8 – 12

Monday, June 8  IM Valeri Lilov Opposite Castle Attacks  (strategy, middlegame) 
In this video, IM Lilov shows us the keys to being more successful when attacking an opposite castled king.

Tuesday, June 9 IM Bill Paschall Keres Plays Black – Part 5  (strategy, tactics)
Keres plays a solid setup against The Torre/Trompowski formation. With black, he gains the bishop pair but must leave his king in the center in an imbalanced position. Black is able to create a strong counterattack despite the improvisation regarding his king position. The win comes for Black as he converts his sacrificial attack to a winning endgame with a strong combination of powerful pawns, king position, and coordination.

Wednesday, June 10  IM David Vigorito Basic K+P Endings: Pawns that Protect Themselves (endgame)
In this lecture we look at some principals of King and pawn endings where pawns are able to ‘protect themselves’. Even though K+P endings are basic in nature, they are often more complicated than they appear. This lecture shows some concepts than can help players determine when to transpose into this endgame.

Thursday, June 11  GM Eugene Perelshteyn  The Power of Two Bishops: Domination in the Endgame  (endgame, strategy) 
Watch and learn from the best! Kramnik masterfully outplays a strong GM with an elegant exchange sacrifice for the power of two bishops. Then he gradually improves his position and wins easily using the concept of domination.

Friday, June 12  GM Bryan Smith  The Clear Play of Bobby Fischer, Part 4  (openings)
In this game against a well-known theoretician, Fischer defended against the queen pawn opening with the Semi-Tarrasch Defense. Quickly he reached an ideal setup with pressure on the white center, and when Berliner made some positional concessions, Fischer guided the game to a winning endgame by some nice maneuvers.