New Chess Videos for March 21-25

Monday, March 21 IM Valeri Lilov Early Attack Punishment (strategy, openings)
A common mistake made by chess beginners is that they will often see an opportunity to attack, and act hastily. The premature attack leads to disaster for the beginner because it can create opportunities for the opponent to win or get an advantage. Proper execution of punishing must take into account all of the attacker’s weaknesses and exploit them while defending! Check out this new lecture to learn more!

Tuesday, March 22 IM Bill Paschall The Genius of Michael Adams Part 4 (openings, tactics)
In this video we see Michael Adams playing black in a classical Nimzo-Indian. White, an expert in the Samisch variation, avoids it and goes into a main line, perhaps fearing Adams’ knowledge of opening theory. A typical hanging pawns position is reached where white has the bishop pair, but he seems unfamiliar with his surroundings. Black demonstrates the potential of the black knights using the weak squares in the position to create tactical threats. Adams combines a sound strategic opening with great tactical vision, embarking on a long and forced variation beginning with a surprising piece sacrifice. Black was victorious, having calculated quite deeply that one of his key pieces would not in fact become trapped in white’s position. This game illustrates both Adams’ fundamental strategic style, as well as his ability to calculate well and deeply in key tactical lines.

Wednesday, March 23 FM Dennis Monokroussos Remembering Paul Keres, Part 5: The 1970s (strategy, tactics)
We conclude our series with a game played by Keres two years before his death, when he was still a top 10-15 player despite being in his mid-50s. Even this late in his career, he shows his ability to play creative, sacrificial chess, outdoing his creative young opponent both strategically and tactically. It’s an impressive win, and the opening is of interest to those who play or face the Modern.

Thursday, March 24 GM Leonid Kritz How To Play With Your King In The Center (opening, tactics)
A very interesting game between two creative players. Topalov plays very aggressively from the beginning, loses much time, but forces the white king to stay in the center. Aronian shows how to play this type of position and proves that initiative is more important than general considerations.

Friday, March 25 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Facing the Youngest IM in the US: A 12 Year-Old Wonder! (strategy, tactics)
How do you expect a 12-year old to play? I didn’t expect him to play in “boring” style, but this is exactly what the position demanded and young Awonder demonstrates maturity beyond his years. Learn about backward moves, overprotection and prophylactic thinking from a twelve-year-old!