New Chess Videos for March 9-13

Monday, March 9 IM Valeri Lilov Exploiting Lead in Space (middlegame)
What do we know about space? Most players fight for the center to restrict the opponent’s pieces and get more space. What should we do after this? IM Lilov’s suggestions can help you reveal the full potential of winning with a space advantage!

Tuesday, March 10 IM David Vigorito Inside Coverage of the USCL 2014 – part 13 (strategy, tactics)
US Chess League continues with a win over former US Champion Joel Benjamin. Both sides try to drag the each other into unfamiliar territory with an unusual opening move order. I was able to use my experience from both sides of an unusual opening to bring down my even more experienced opponent!

Wednesday, March 11 FM Dennis Monokroussos Tartakower the Grandmaster (openings, middlegame, endgame)
Last time we saw Tartakower overwhelm a weaker opponent with some sharp, crazy opening play. In this game, we see that he could be just as devastating against another top player using a more well-rounded approach. Richard Reti was one of the very best players in the world and around his peak at this point, but Tartakower very smoothly outplayed him with the black pieces, besting his great opponent in all three phases of the game (opening, middlegame and ending). It’s so smooth that it’s practically a model game, and it’s very rare that one top player can win in such a style against one of his peers. His ability to win games of all sorts, from openings of all sorts, makes Tartakower a good model for both students and for those looking for entertainment as well, and I hope you’ll find this game (and the last one) enjoyable and instructive.

Thursday, March 12 IM Bill Paschall My Best Hits, Part 3
IM Paschall shares his most spectacular win with features an ultra-sharp variation against the Benko Gambit. Black varies from the main line and Paschall employs a creative double pawn sacrifice in the opening to disrupt his opponents pawn structure. Black sleepwalks through the early middlegame and his king is shredded in the center.

Friday, March 13 GM Bryan Smith Rubinstein’s Great Endgames, Part 6 (endgame)
In this classic endgame, Akiba Rubinstein demonstrates the advantage of a superior king position in a complex king and pawn ending.