New Chess Videos for May 16-20

Monday, May 16 IM Valeri Lilov The Attacking Cores
Every successful attack requires some key features to become really successful. These features we call “attacking cores”. Learning how to find and determine these cores is essential for any player who wants to improve his attacking skills!

Tuesday, May 17 IM Bill Paschall Selections from the US Championship 2016 Part 1
GM Robson surprises the experienced Alex Onischuk in the opening, playing the London system with white. Gata Kamsky and Magnus Carlsen have shown this quiet system to have some teeth recently, and this game is no exception. Robson takes of advantage of Black’s inexact play to score a full point , based on an advantage in pawn structure and king safety. Black’s 11th move, a6 seems dubious and in the end, he has too many weaknesses and simply cannot avoid the loss of material. An excellent game from Robson, both strategically and tactically.

Wednesday, May 18 IM David Vigorito Carissa’s Pet Line Topples Strong GM
In this game 12 year old Carissa Yip completely outplays a strong Grandmaster. The game shows that knowing your pet line well is often more important than its objective value. After some quick tactics the youngster shows fine technique to deny the GM any chances for a swindle.

Thursday, May 19 GM Eugene P. Danger of Playing Strategically Risky Openings: The Sozin Silician

Friday, May 20, GM Bryan Smith Challenging the Caro-Kann with 2.Ne2, Part 2
In the second part of his series on the offbeat 2.Ne2 against the Caro-Kann, GM Bryan Smith explores Black’s alternatives to 3…c5 – the critical moves 3…d4 and 3…Bf5