New Chess Videos for May 18-22

Monday, May 18 IM Valeri Lilov Piece Domination – Part II (strategy, middlegame)
In the second part of the Piece Domination series, IM Lilov presents a beautiful example on how a great master is able to exploit the advantages of his formation to attack the opponent successfully.

Tuesday, May 19 IM Bill Paschall Keres Plays Black – Part 3 (middlegame)
Keres avoids the dry main lines of the 4 knights game with an early sideline 3…g6, a la Steinitz in his prime. Black keeps tension against the weaker grandmaster and gains ground as Bisguier plays too routinely and concedes the initiative. Black gains a better structure and eventually induces white to weaken the position around his king. Finally white is too tied up to defend. Masterful play by Keres, and a great tutorial on beating a competent yet inferior opponent.

Wednesday, May 20 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Squeeze is On (openings)
Wesley So was in excellent form at the start of the Vugar Gashimov Memorial in Shamkir, and this win in round 4 over Rauf Mamedov put him in first place, half a point ahead of Magnus Carlsen. The game is a wonderful example of the value of a space advantage, and So did a great job of maintaining control from start to finish.

Thursday, May 21 GM Eugene Perelshteyn A Miniature in the Accelerated Dragon Qxd4 Variation (openings)
Watch and learn on how a strong IM gets punished in the opening! In the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon 4.Qxd4 variation, White makes one too many Queen moves and finds himself unable to castle. The end is swift as Black gets to White’s king on the open e-file. The game is over before it begins!

Friday, May 22 GM Bryan Smith The Clear Play of Bobby Fischer, Part 1
In this series, we will be looking at some examples of the clear and purposeful play by the eleventh world champion, Bobby Fischer. This first video covers an early game played against James Sherwin.