New Chess Videos for November 21-25

Monday, November 21 IM Valeri Lilov What is Key to Initiative (middlegame)
Initiative is known to be the highest most important bit of attacking. How to acquire a strong attacking initiative brings up an important theme to learn from IM Lilov’s new lecture!

Tuesday, November 22 IM Bill Paschall Bundesliga Apocalypse
Grandmaster David Navara is known for his attacking play. In this game he imbalances the game early , giving up a bishop for knight to prevent his opponent from castling. Later, he sacrifices a rook for only 2 pawns and an attack against the opponents king. Black finds it very difficult to coordinate and his extra rook is out of play. The finish of the game is extraordinary, with Navara calculating a decisive king walk into his opponents’ territory , despite both queens still being on the board!

Wednesday, November 23 FM Dennis Monokroussos Dig a Deeper Hole (openings)
One of the first things we learn in studying positional play is to avoid holes, and with good reason. But as Bobby Fischer famously said, “you’ve gotta give squares to get squares”, and if one can create an even more worrisome hole in the opponent’s position by creating one of our own, then it’s worth it. Salov-Spassky is a great example, and even a great – a former world champion – failed to appreciate the danger.

Thursday, November 24 IM David Vigorito A Strong Novelty Turns the Tables in a Quiet Sideline (opening, endgame)
A few weeks before this game was played, Ivan Saric got ground down in an endgame that arises in a sideline of the King’s Indian. In this game he unleashes a wonderful novelty. Black sacrifices the exchange and opens up the game to any result. Note especially the use of Black’s rook pawns to squeeze White’s position on both sides of the board.

Friday, November 25 GM Bryan Smith Coffeehouse Chess, Part 3 (tactics)
In the third episode of “Coffeehouse Chess”, GM Bryan Smith explores a beautiful sacrificial attack by attacking legend Viktor Kupreichik.