New Chess Videos for September 19 – 23

Monday, September 19 IM Valeri Lilov Evaluating the Changes (middlegame)
How to evaluate the possible exchanges in a middlegame? This question is key to many players who often try to find a shortcut to a better game. The truth behind a successful exchange lies within the precise conclusion of the weaknesses and potential threats resulting. Learn more in IM Lilov’s video on the topic!

Tuesday, September 20 IM Bill Paschall Avoiding the Berlin Defense : Classic Games, Part 5 (openings, tactics)
White avoids the main lines of the Berlin with the classical move 4.Qe2. White adopts a flexible setup and plays ala Steinitz by delaying castling. Black aggressively breaks with 7…d5 in the center, but makes a risky decision with the routine move 8…h6, weakening his kingside. White takes his chances with an aggressive attack , using his g-pawn to storm the enemy defenses. In the end, the weakening of the black kingside and a favorable minor piece; in this case a strong bishop versus knight, make the winning attack a certainty. This game features the exploitation of pawn weaknesses, as well as the use of opposite side castling for the purpose of direct attack.

Wednesday, September 21 FM Dennis Monokroussos Glorious Grinding (endgame)
Most of us like to win quickly and spectacularly, but the reality is that many wins are going to be quotidian and slow. When the position is quiet and the advantage is small, one must patiently try this and that, and sometimes the advantage will grow and sometimes one’s opponent will hold on and save the game. In this game, grinding worked. My opponent could have killed the game in the early middlegame, but allowed me to take a very small edge into an endgame that one little bit at a time I was able to grow. The game was largely about finesses, and I do my best to explain some of the keys that helped me come away with an important victory in a recent event.

Thursday, September 22 GM Leonid Kritz A Creative Blunder (tactics)
In this game Topalov played pretty passively and allowed Black to equalize after the opening. The game was moving towards a peaceful end, but then… a blunder by Svidler brought a sudden defeat.

Friday, September 23 GM Eugene Perelshteyn How To Punish White in the Colle System (openings, tactics)