New Chess Videos for January 15 – 19

Monday, January 15 IM Valeri Lilov How to Execute a Flank Attack (strategy)

The most common type of attack in chess always goes on the flank. The problem is that many flank attacks require much preparation to be successful. On one hand, we need a solid central command and space control. On another, we need the open lines and piece possibilities. See IM Lilov’s new lecture on how to be successful with a flank attack!

Tuesday, January 16 IM Bill Paschall Fighting Chess at the Russian Superfinal 2017, Part 3 (opening, tactics)

Grandmaster Nikita Vitiugov finished as runner up in the Russian Superfinal, losing a tiebreak match to Peter Svidler. Vititugov played consistently strong chess throughout the event, including this important game, where he unleashed a relatively new idea in the Gheorghiu (f3) variation of the Nimzo-Indian Defense as Black. Volkov was taken by surpise by the new idea of 7…c5 and goes stray very quickly. White tried to castle queenside, and gets demolished tactically in short order. Probably it’s better to react conservatively when encountering a surprising new idea over the board.

Wednesday, January 17 FM Dennis Monokroussos Winning with Long-Term Positional Sacrifices (tactics)

It’s easy to sacrifice when there’s a clear payoff. If we’re mating, or regaining the material with interest, or achieving some very obvious compensation in return for a small investment it’s easy to make the offer. But when the investment is significant and the compensation is long-term, it’s much more difficult to commit. For those of us with “commitment issues” of this sort, today’s game is an inspiration – and it’s theoretically significant as well.

Thursday, January 18 GM Eugene Perelshteyn The Power of Connected Passed Pawns (strategy, endgame)

In this game White sidesteps both Grunfeld and King’s Indian with an early b3,Bb2 idea. After a complex middlegame, Black enters what looks like an equal endgame. But how did Black lose the game in just a few moves? The answer is allowing connected passed pawns! Watch and learn how the little guys ended up e7 & d7 and both turned into queens!

Friday, January 19 GM Leonid Kritz A Sudden Thunderbolt from Shirov (strategy, tactics)

After the opening White was clearly better – this is actually a very nice example of how to punish Black for small mistakes in the opening. However, one small imprecision and Shirov comes back with his most dangerous weapon – tactics! This game combines both strategic aspects and tactical calculations.