New Chess Videos for July 17 – 21

Monday, July 17 IM Bill Paschall European Championship 2017, Part 3 (opening, tactics)
This lecture features a battle between two rising stars from round 4 of the European Individual Championship 2017. Black employs a rare move order in the Benoni and white counters with ultra aggressive preparation. Black employs a new move with 9…h6, but the depth of his preparation is insufficient. Matlakov has seen deeper and Black’s king is in serious danger.

Tuesday, July 18 FM Dennis Monokroussos A Big Upset in the Fischer Attack (strategy)
Bobby Fischer’s 6.Bc4 against the Najdorf isn’t so popular nowadays, but it hasn’t been played out. Untitled player Vusal Abbasov used it against his near-2700 rated opponent, Anton Korobov, in a recent open event – and crushed him! It was a combination of (presumably) good preparation and certainly good attacking play, and Korobov was overwhelmed. There is still life in 6.Bc4!

Wednesday, July 19 IM David Vigorito A Modern Adjournment (endgame)
In a virtual must-win situation versus a much lower rated player, I end up playing one of the longest games of my career. My opponent rises to the occasion, only faltering on the 92nd move! This game was adjourned – something I have not seen in 25 years.

Thursday, July 20 GM Leonid Kritz Winning A Miniature Out of Nowhere (tactics)
This is a unique game because it seems like the position is so equal that there is nothing to play here, but in reality things turn out to be much more complicated than that. White outplays Black out of nowhere and gets a point in only 25 moves – a truly rare occurrence at this level.

Friday, July 21 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Understanding Pawn Structures from Benoni and Old-Indian Setups (openings, middlegame, strategy)
How well do you understand pawn structures? Watch and learn how a London System can morph into Benoni and then into Old-Indian! GM Perelshteyn teaches you the key concepts and plans for both sides. Can you find the best moves? Prophylactic thinking is the key!