New Chess Videos, July 3 – July 7

Monday, July 3 IM Valeri Lilov Coordination and Powerplay, Part 2 (strategy)
In the second video of the series on piece play, IM Lilov is going to teach you some more principles on coordination and powerplay. The idea of powerplay is defined by a player who can align multiple pieces into one point, thus making a powerplay on that area. The strongest level of attack!

Tuesday, July 4 IM Bill Paschall European Championship 2017, Part 1 (opening, tactics)
The young GM Bognanovich seems like a promising young talent. In this game, facing the popular Berlin defense, he plays the quiet 4.d3 – recommended here on Chesslecture by IM Paschall in his own series. Black reacts normally, but weakens his queenside with a6 and b5, and then tries to strike prematurely in the center with 12..d5. The young grandmaster shows a perfect understanding of the situation and dispatches his opponent effortlessly.

Wednesday, July 5 FM Dennis Monokroussos A World-Class Sales Pitch for the Grand Prix Attack (strategy)
The Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian is a perennial favorite in club play, but seems to be past its “sell by” date in grandmaster play. Perhaps it’s time to restock the shelves, as IM Dionisio Aldama wins a beautiful game with it against the strong grandmaster Zviad Izoria. Aldama came up with a fantastic opening idea culminating in 13.a5 Nxa5 14.f5, and while Izoria does just about everything right in response for the next 14-15 moves he still hasn’t managed to shake off White’s attack. All he had to do is make one mistake – a very natural one at that – and the game came to a speedy end. If you play either side of the Grand Prix Attack, you’ll want to take a very close look at this game.

Thursday, July 6 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Lessons from Losing to a Potential Women’s World Champ (middlegame, tactics, strategy)
In this instructive game, follow GM Perelshteyn’s thought process against Indian’s young talent, a 16 year old girl who holds U12 and U14 Girl’s World Championship titles! Black obtains a typical KID structure and with more time on the clock makes an instructive mistake. Don’t miss it and learn how to to avoid it yourself!

Friday, July 7 GM Leonid Kritz Another Crazy Najdorf (openings, tactics, strategy)
This is again one of those typical Najdorf games where nothing is clear until the very end. This game has a lot to offer in terms of tactical and strategic complications, as well as some interesting opening ideas.