New Chess Videos for May 1 – 5

Monday, May 1 IM Valeri Lilov The Structure of Attack (middlegame, strategy)
The structure to any attack is a widely-discussed topic that most chess players don’t fully understand. They know the importance of it, but how it actually works and what makes a good structure that leads to a successful attack often remains a mystery. In this video, IM Valeri Lilov provides an answer to that question.

Tuesday, May 2 IM Bill Paschall Beating the Trompowski : A Practical Example (opening, strategy)
IM Paschall presents a modern example of his anti-tromp lines previously recommended here at chesslecture. In this example , a strong grandmaster is effortlessly derailed in the 2..d5 line of the Trompowsky. It seems that no advantage is possible for white after 2…d5 and Black can easily win in this opening if White is too ambitious or reckless , as was the case here.

Wednesday, May 3 FM Dennis Monokroussos Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Chess Players? (tactics)
Wei Yi is one of the strongest and most promising chess players in the world, but his resume did nothing to help him avoid losing in just 19 moves to an IM. How in the world did this happen? Watch the video, and you’ll see not just what happened over the board, but also what happened at a more fundamental level and what we can do to avoid getting upset when we’re big favorites in a given game.

Thursday, May 4 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Intro to Tunnel Calculation Approach – Calculate like Tal! (middlegame, tactics)
Ever wonder what is the secret behind top notch calculation? GM Perelshteyn introduces a new concept called Tunnel Calculation approach. Don’t get side-tracked with tons of variations and side-lines, just focus on the main line and calculate as deep as you can along the forcing moves! Try this approach and play like Tal!

Friday, May 5 GM Bryan Smith Carlsen Wins Out Of Nothing (endgame)
A pure minor piece endgame where White has the two bishops turns surprisingly dangerous when Magnus Carlsen foresees the hidden river of forks that is coming.