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Monday, November 20 IM Valeri Lilov Carlsen’s Secret (strategy, middlegame)
Magnus Carlsen is without a question one of the history’s strongest positional players. His ability to handle the structure and manage a powerful piece domination have inspired many. In his new video, IM Lilov will show you how to world reigning champion uses his simple, yet most powerful secret!

Tuesday, November 21 IM Bill Paschall Exciting Clashes from the 2017 World Cup, Part 3 (opening, tactics)
Levon Aronian surprises Ding with a slightly offbeat , but sharp line against the Semi Slav. This is the deciding game of the whole event, Black misplaying his defenses; his king coming under a withering attack. Excellent preparation by white including the new move 12.Rae1 which seems to have taken Black out of known territory.

Wednesday, November 22 FM Dennis Monokroussos A Remarkable New Idea in the Semi-Slav (tactics)
At the moment Levon Aronian and Magnus Carlsen are the hottest players in chess, and are unsurprisingly ranked #2 and #1 in the world, respectively. In this battle from the 2017 Norway Chess tournament, it is Aronian who came out on top, thanks largely to an ingenious idea for White in the Semi-Slav. On moves 11 and 12 Aronian sacs a pawn and then the exchange to draw Black’s queen offside, both to try to trap her but also to shut her and Black’s queenside pieces away from the coming kingside attack. It’s a great concept, and while the game wasn’t perfect it was exciting and interesting from beginning to end.

Thursday, November 23 GM Leonid Kritz How to Punish a Single Opening Error (openings)
This game is a great example of how to act if your opponent makes a mistake in the early stage of the opening. Black plays the inaccurate 6….exd5 and White gets aggressive right away, so that Black essentially gets destroyed. This is the only way to play in modern chess – once your opponent plays sub-optimally in the early opening, you have to get him right away.

Friday, November 24 GM Eugene Perelshteyn How to Evaluate King Safety and Dynamic Potential (middlegame, tactics, endgame)
We all assume that uncastled king is much worse than his castled counterpart. But this game may prove us wrong! Watch and learn how two strong players missed a great opportunity for Black to get a powerful attack. Instead, the strong IM went for material gains, only to find himself hopelessly lost after a typical exchange sacrifice!