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Monday, September 25 IM Valeri Lilov Fischer’s Teenage Mastery (opening)
Bobby Fischer is hands down the most popular world champion in history. His ability to defeat the unbeatable Soviet grandmasters in the 70s, as well as his dominative play brought some of the best classical games we can learn from today. What was Bobby when he was still young before he became the legendary champion? Did he play positional chess or more tactically? IM Valeri Lilov will show you one of Bobby’s most memorable games in this lecture. Don’t miss it out!
Tuesday, September 26 IM Bill Paschall The Rise of the Italian Game, Part 3 (opening, strategy)
Carlsen plays the Giuoco with an early a4 and the plan of Na3-c2, a relatively new idea in this opening. White also gains a spacial advantage with a4 – a5 and in the center gains control with d3-d4. White achieves virtual zugzwang in the endgame and Black is forced to lose material as White’s pieces are too dominant.

Wednesday, September 27 FM Dennis Monokrousos No Draws With the Petroff (opening, tactics)
Description: It wasn’t that long ago Petroff’s Defense was the scourge of 1.e4 players, at least at the professional level, and indirectly one for the chess fans who watched them. Now it’s the Berlin that has taken the palm, and which has sent the world’s elite scurrying off to the Italian Game. But that’s the subject for another day. The Petroff still has its loyal advocates, especially in China, but if White finds more brilliant ideas like the one Nepomniachtchi did in this game they may join the rest of the worldwide exodus to the Berlin. Nepo’s prep was fantastic, and he won a beautiful game as a result. Enjoy it in its own right, and as a weapon in the anti-Petroff arsenal.

Thursday, September 28 IM David Vigorito The Dzindzi Indian Repertoire V (opening, endgame)
We continue looking at the famed Dzindzi-Indian by examining a straightforward fianchetto for White that I dug out of my archives. This is a decent idea, but White must be accurate. In this game, White tried to play it safe rather than fighting for the initiative, and he ends up in a worse endgame.

Friday, September 29 GM Bryan Smith Coffeehouse Chess, Part 10 (tactics)
In the latest edition of ‘Coffeehouse Chess’, GM Bryan Smith shows a spectacular game played between GMs Alexander Shabalov and Alex Lenderman, which showcases Shabalov’s tactical genius.