New DVD Studies in: Alekhine’s Defense

Studies in: Alekhine’s Defense

by The Masters of ChessLecture

Recommended for Beginner- Intermediate Players

Content: 2.5houStudies in the Alekhine's Defensers of instruction and analysis in a series of 5 lectures.

   With GM Eugene Perelshteyn, GM Bryan Smith, LM Dana Mackenzie, and IM Bill Paschall.

   Alekhine’s Defense is a hypermodern chess opening that begins with the  moves: 1. e4 Nf6 This bizarre defense introduced by the chess champion Alekhine and later practiced by Gruenfeld is the extreme in hypermodern openings because of its unbalanced nature provoking a weakness in White’s center pawns.

   Members of rated this series a 4.16 out of 5   ECO B04, B03, B02    PGN included

  Fans on said: Thanks for a great lecture. As always you give creative ideas in the opening plus an excellent mix of tactics.


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