Future World Champion

The world chess championship is underway in Chennai, India, and lecturer LM Dana Mackenzie has written a somewhat tongue-in-cheek blog post looking forward 25 years to a potential future world champion: http://www.danamackenzie.com/blog/?p=2620

Seriously, though, Dana honors one of his most successful former students, longtime ChessLecture.com member Elizabeth Spiegel (née Vicary), who herself is one of the United States’ most successful scholastic chess coaches ever, on the birth of her newest student. Congratulations, Elizabeth! (And watch out, Magnus?!)

For members who coach, or who wish to encourage their own or other children, there is a great documentary about the success of the inner-city Brooklyn (New York, US) kids who Elizabeth coaches, called Brooklyn Castle. Here is a great description from PBS, which showed the movie on national TV in the US last month: http://www.pbs.org/pov/brooklyncastle/. At one point, the junior high team even wins the US scholastic national championship for *high schools*.

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