New Chess Videos for April 27 – May 01

Monday, April 27  IM David Vigorito   Another Topical Saemisch King’s Indian  (openings, strategy)
Two King’s Indian specialists go head to head. This game is unusual because John Watson was an expert in this opening line before his young opponent was even born! Watson wins what could be the game of his life against the super strong Gawain Jones in a line where Jones could be considered one of the world’s top practitioners.

Tuesday, April 28  IM Bill Paschall   Black with Larsen – Part 4  (openings, tactics) 
Larsen defeats a world class Nimzo expert and author with the Black pieces in a main line variation. Taimanov deviated from theory with his move 10.Rc1. Black plays incredibly creative chess with his risky and dynamic advance 14…g5 and Taimanov goes for a desperate , all-in attacking chance. Larsen shows his skill in cool calculation in refuting the attack and forcing an exchange of queens into a simply winning position.

Wednesday, April 29  FM Dennis Monokroussos   Winning With the Isolani When the Defender Lacks an e-pawn  (middlegame) 
In most isolated d-pawn middlegames, the side facing the isolani generally has an e-pawn. This is not so in the Tarrasch French when White takes on d5 and Black recaptures with the pawn; White’s e-pawn has just been exchanged. This sort of structure can arise via other openings as well, and it’s worth knowing how to play this and to see how it differs from the more usual sorts of isolated d-pawn positions. In this game, Jobava gives a powerful demonstration of the attacker’s chances (that is, the side with the isolated pawn), and we’re also treated to a virtuoso performance on the theme of LPDO, that is, Loose Pieces Drop Off.

Thursday, April 30  GM Eugene Perelshteyn   Tactical Genuis of Tal: Ignore Your Opponent’s Threats When Attacking! (openings, tactics) 
Learn how the magician from Riga approaches chess. You’re attacking me?  I will just ignore it and attack you instead!  This is his motto in this game and an experienced GM Geller falters after defending accurately for a while.  What’s the secret of Tal’s success?  Relentless pressure on his opponents eventually causes them to blunder!

Friday, May 1  GM Bryan Smith   Match of the (19th) Century: De Labourdonnais – McDonnell, Part 2  (openings)
Wild complications with multiple pieces hanging, followed by a beautiful and adventurous endgame with mutual chains of passed pawns make this one of the most exciting battles of the nineteenth century.