New Chess Videos for April 25 – 29

Monday, April 25 IM Valeri Lilov The Pawn Structure Value (middlegame)
The importance of pawn structure is often misunderstood by the beginner and intermediate chess player. It is quite clear that pawns are important, but in what way? How could a good pawn structure affect our plan and is there a way to setup one from the very start? In this video, IM Lilov tries to give good answers to these and other questions regarding the pawn structures.

Tuesday, April 26 IM Bill Paschall Battles from the Aeroflot Open 2016, Part 1 (strategy, tactics)
The younger Tigran Petrosian plays much in the style of his namesake. Playing white in a common variation of the symmetrical English, Petrosian encounters a strange move from GM Moiseenko in the form of 12…Nb6. Black allows Petrosian to smash his pawn structure with 13.Bxc6 ! Moiseenko should simply retreat with the usual 12…Nde7 . After the exchange on c6, black goes totally on the attack, but leaves many weaknesses and opportunities for white in his wake. A creative and inspiring game combining attack and defense. White and black both miss some opportunities, but the game remains instructive and entertaining.

Wednesday, April 27 FM Dennis Monokroussos More Problems for Black in the Taimanov Sicilian (openings, tactics)
The Taimanov Sicilian has been a very successful opening for Black for some years now, and White has tried one approach after another searching for an advantage. The latest try, which has been faring quite well, is the system with 7.Qf3. This is not a refutation of the Taimanov, of course, but now it’s Black who is switching from one idea to another trying to find equality. In an earlier video we looked at 7…Ne5; this time we see 7…Nf6 coming up short in our main game. White’s kingside attack breaks through, while he neutralizes Black’s queenside counterplay with relative ease.

Thursday, April 28 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Lessons from Nimzowitsch: Effective Use of Blockade in Practice (strategy)

Friday, April 29 GM Bryan Smith A Masterpiece in the Kalashnikov (opening, tactics)
In this video, GM Smith explores a fantastic sacrificial victory for the black side in the Kalashnikov Sicilian – the game Nunn-Nataf.