New Chess Videos for April 3 – 7

Monday, April 3 IM David Vigorito The Dzindzi Indian Repertoire II (opening, tactics)
In the midst of a bad tournament, I try the Dzindzi Indian against a strong GM and former US Champion. Alburt scores a brilliant win with a queen sacrifice – but do not lose hope, as there are several ways to improve Black’s play.

Tuesday, April 4 IM Bill Paschall Essential Strategic Concepts, Part 2 – Strongpoint! (strategy)
Nimzovich gives a master class, highlighting some of his most beloved concepts. In this game we see ideas such as the strong point, blockade and centralization. Black violated one of Nimzo’s most cherished principles, attacking the head of white’s pawn chain, or strong point at e5. The black king was never entirely safe in this game due to the powerful central positions held by the white knights. Black’s bishops could never reach their full potential against the master of blockade.

Wednesday, April 5 IM Valeri Lilov Grow a Space Advantage (middlegame, strategy)
Having a space advantage a sensible feeling of domination when we achieve it. The question is: How do we grow that advantage to the point of creating enough threats and eventually inflicting damage to our opponent’s position? IM Lilov will try to answer this question in this video!

Thursday, April 6 GM Eugene Perelshteyn What Happens When Your Opponent Plays for a Draw from Move One… (strategy, endgame)
We all have faced opponents who just like to trade pieces and make a draw. Watch and learn how to use it to your advantage! Remember that with every trade your opponent may give you a concession. In this example, GM Perelshteyn shows how a good bishop can outplay a knight in a seemingly equal position. Learn the powerful endgame techniques along the way!

Friday, April 7 GM Bryan Smith Sadistic Maneuvering In The Spanish
GM Michael Adams gives a great demonstration of the so-called ‘Spanish Torture’ in this game.