New Chess Videos for March 26 – 30

Monday, March 27 IM David Vigorito The Dzindzi Indian Repertoire I (opening, strategy)
Long ago, I faced the Dzindzi Indian against Canadian IM Deen Hergott. Under the influence of then IM Igor Ivanov, this system became a Canadian favorite. I played the ‘book’ refutation, and learned some of the secrets that this opening held.

Tuesday, March 28 IM Bill Paschall Essential Strategic Concepts, Part 1 – The Minority Attack (opening, strategy)
White uses the classic minority attack with his pawns on the queenside to weaken Black’s structure and create a target. In desperation, Black also weakens his own kingside and Smyslov easily prevails against black’s weak points on both sides of the board.

Wednesday, March 29 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Two Knights Caro-Kann with 5.gxf3, Part 2 (tactics)
In part 2 of our mini-series we take a look at a couple of my games, focusing on a (rapid) rapid game with super-GM Alexey Dreev while taking a quick look at an amusing blitz game as well. Like the Tal-Botvinnik game from last week, much of the battle was a contest between White’s striving for activity and Black’s attempt to keep everything about the structural features of the position. In the end, White’s structural problems allowed Black to escape with a draw – but just barely.

Thursday, March 30 GM Leonid Kritz Important Theoretical Discussion (opening, strategy)
This line becomes more and more important in modern theory, since people move from the Spanish (Ruy Lopez) to the Italian Game very frequently. The plan that Black chooses is very aggressive and White still wasn’t able to find a clear way to get an advantage. Besides theory, the game is very interesting from the strategic point of view and shows how to organize an attack with a semi-closed center.

Friday, March 31 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Instructive Miniature in the Pirc: The Power of the e5 Push! (opening)
What happens when Black forgets to develop the kingside in the Pirc Defense? Watch a learn a devastating idea for White: e5! followed by e6! This results in a nice miniature win!