New Chess Videos April 6 – 10

Monday, April 6  IM Valeri Lilov Key Principles – Part II
In the second part of IM Lilov’s new series, you will learn more about the principles of attack and how to utilize them effectively against our opponent.

Tuesday, April 7  Bill Paschall Black with Larsen – Part 1
Larsen displays his creativity in his favorite Dutch Defense. White quickly misses his best chance and loses the initiatove. This game is great example of Larsen’s fighting spirit with the black pieces

Wednesday, April 8   FM Dennis Monokroussos Recent Fragments: Tactics & Endgames
In open events one usually gets a bit of everything, so in this video I’ll show a few interesting moments from some of my recent games. The first example offers a nice if simple middlegame tactic as a bit of warmup and the second offers a reminder that tactics show up in endgames as well. The last example also presents an endgame, but this time tactics play almost no role; what matters is schematic thinking.

Thursday, April 9   IM David Vigorito A Birthday Bashing
In this game I am pitted against the highest rated player I have ever faced – and on my birthday no less. We will see that super-GM’s make mistakes, however, although in the end the Cuban GM proves to be too strong.

Friday, April 10  GM Eugene Perelshteyn Learning Strategy and Prophylactic Thinking from the Best! Part 3: Learn from Jussupow
Watch and learn how the best of Dvoretsky’s student achieves a strategic masterpiece through simple prophylaxis!  Learn to think about your opponent’s moves even if you’re attacking.  A nice bonus is a missed combination at the end pointed out by Tal!